Dunkirk update

Powered by a $30m launch in China, Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk stands atop the international box office, taking down Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets. Meanwhile, Baby Driver crosses $100m, Despicable Me 3 nears $1bn worldwide.


UPDATED: Dunkirk generated $37.4m from 60 markets for $281.3m as international box office dropped just 21% from last weekend and the worldwide tally stands at $460.4m. The Second World War drama debuted in China on $29.5m, ranking a dominant number one in the market. The results more than double Inception and are on par with Gravity and The Revenant. 

Dunkirk debuted in Italy on $3.6m on 606 screens, maintaining the highest per screen average and narrowly ranking number two. These results are 42% ahead of Gravity, 5% ahead of Inception and on par with Interstellar.

The UK remains the top market on $69.9m, followed by China on $29.5m, South Korea $21.8m, France $20.2m, Australia $17.8m, Spain $9.8m, and Holland $7.4m. Germany has produced $7.4m, Mexico $5.8m, India $5.6m, Russia $5.4m, and Sweden $4.8m. The film will debut in its final market, Japan, on September 9.

The film debuted in China on an estimated $5.7m from 436 IMAX screens through Monday and has grossed an estimated $76.5m at the global IMAX box office.

Annabelle: Creation grossed $16.9m on 7,753 screens in 62 international markets. The international tally has reached $167.1m, which brings the worldwide gross to $256.3m. Argentina produced $2.6m in its first week and produced the best opening weekend ever for a horror film. Germany dipped just 7% from last weekend on $1.4m for $3.3m, while Mexico added $1.9m in week three for $16.3m to date, which surpasses the lifetime gross of both The Conjuring and Annabelle. Brazil grossed $1.6m in week three for $10.6m. Mexico is the top market, followed by South Korea on $13.8m, Brazil, the UK on $9.8m and Indonesia on $9.8m.

Patty Jenkins’ tentpole Wonder Woman has reached $403.7m internationally and $812.7m worldwide. Japan produced $1.5m in its third week of release, bringing the running total there to $7.5m. China is the top market on $89.1m, followed by Brazil on $33.5m, the UK on $28.1m, Australia on $23.4m and Mexico on $22.5m.


Luc Besson’s Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets grossed a further $12.3m, lifting the international total to $170.7m. South Korea produced $2.6m in week one, while the space opera is slowly down dramatically in China where it produced $6.3m for $58.2m. In France, the space opera grossed an additional $1.4m for a running total of $34.9m.


UPDATED: Illumination’s Despicable Me 3 had its final theatrical release over the weekend in Greece, where it debuted at number one on $619,000. The animated tentpole added $10.9m over the weekend from 60 territories for $738.4m. With $258.8m from North America, the film stands at $997.2m worldwide, and will likely reach the $1bn milestone later this week.

The film was number one in Italy for the second week in a row on $4.3m for $13.5m. Japan produced $1.5m for $60.5m, enough for second place in week seven. China remains the top market by a high margin on $152.3m, followed by the UK on $60m, Germany $41.3m, France $39.8m, Brazil $38.8m and Mexico $34.8m.

American Made debuted in 14 territories this weekend for a total of 35 territories in release. Tom Cruise’s latest starring vehicle added $10.1m for an early international total of $21.9m. Spain produced $1.6m, while the Netherlands produced $503,000 for first place.

The UK produced $1.2m during its second session, lifting the market total to $4.1m, while Australia produced $1.2m for $3.6m. There are 30 territories to open over the next three months, starting with seven this week, including Germany and Hong Kong.

Atomic Blonde added $4m in 48 Universal and Sierra/Affinity territories this weekend to raise the international total to $39.4m. The Charlize Theron spy thriller stands at $89.4m worldwide and debuted in Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. In Mexico the film grossed $1.2m, while Brazil produced $859,000. The film debuts in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay this week.

The raunchy, female-driven comedy Girls Trip added $1.8m in eight territories, raising the international total to $14.5m and $126.6m worldwide. Australia produced $1.1m for second place, while the UK generated $350,000 for $10.8m after six sessions. The film opens in three this week, including the Netherlands.

Sophia Coppola’s The Beguiled grossed $1.2m in 16 territories for $10.3m. The drama debuted in Poland at number five on $164,000. This week it opens in 10 additional territories, including Mexico and South Korea. 


UPDATED: War For The Planet Of The Apes grossed a further $3.2m from 42 markets, taking the international tally to $222.1m. In France, Matt Reeves’ action-drama grossed $1.2m for $22.1m, while Germany produced $410,000 for $9.5m. 

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie pulled in $1.1 from 21 markets, bringing the international sum to $29.6m. The UK produced $241,000 for $9.5m, while Colombia added $117,000 for $646,000.


UPDATED: The Emoji Movie added $7.8m this weekend from 6,500 screens in 56 markets, bringing the international running total to $80.2m. The animation debuted at number one in Brazil on $2.1m from 793 screens, which is nearly double the opening of Turbo. The UK dipped 14% from last weekend, generating $931,000 in its fifth session for $15.9m. Russia generated $800,000 from 1,600 screens for $6m.

The Dark Tower grossed $5.9m in 58 markets for $53.5m. Brazil added $893,000 from 632 screens for $2.9m. Meanwhile, Baby Driver sped past $100m on $102.2m, after adding $4.2m in 50 markets. Edgar Wright’s action film grossed $1.1m in Russia during its second weekend, bringing the total there to $4.9m, while China generated $503,000 for $15.7m after two weekends of release.

Spider-Man: Homecoming took in a further $1.7m in 53 total markets. Sony and Marvel’s tentpole stands at $422.2m with China, the final market, set to release this week.


UPDATED: Cars 3 added $8.8m from 26 territories for an international running total of $192.9m, bringing the worldwide sum to $344.4m.

Pixar’s animation launched in Denmark, Norway and Sweden during the weekend and opened at number one in all three markets. Denmark generated $900,000, including previews, while Norway and Sweden produced $800,000 and $1.3m, respectively. 

China is now the number one international market for Cars 3, having generated $19.2m to date. France comes in a close second on $17.8m, followed by Japan $15.9m, Mexico $15.6m, and the UK on $14.5m. There are no new openings this week.