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Source: Disney

‘Frozen II’

NOVEMBER 23 UPDATE: Frozen 2 reached $99.6m at the global box office through Friday, earning $57.8m internationally including $35m from its first two days in China.

The Disney release has opened top in all its markets, setting all-time high Disney Animation/Pixar opening days in China and Poland, the highest Disney Animation opening day in the UK, the second highest western animation opening day in Japan, and the second highest Disney Animation/Pixar opening day ever in Spain, India, and Vietnam.

Full opening weekend results will appear here on Sunday.

ORIGINAL NOVEMBER 22 REPORT: Disney’s Frozen 2 has got off to a flying start on $18.6m from its first 26 markets, opening number one everywhere and setting multiple opening day records in South Korea, France and Germany, among others.

The running total climbs to $27.1m worldwide including $8.5m Thursday previews in North America, and grows to $38.5m if early reads of an $11.4m Friday opening day in China are borne out.

The sequel to the 2013 phenomenon opened in its first markets on Wednesday and has just set all-time animation opening day records in South Korea on $4.2m, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

Frozen 2 also established a new Disney Animation opening day mark in France on $2.6m and stands at $3m, the third highest animation opening day in Germany, on $1.9m and stands at $3m, and third highest animation opening day marks as well in Netherlands, Singapore, and Thailand, and the second highest animation opening day in Belgium.

It opens in a further 10 markets on Friday, including UK, China, Japan, Mexico, and Spain. The $11.4m China result would represent the highest Disney Animation/Pixar opening day of all-time.

A full global update will follow on Sunday. Frozen finished on $1.274bn worldwide and $873.5m internationally.