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‘Frozen II’

JANUARY 6 UPDATE: As Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker continues to march resolutely towards the $1bn global mark, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen II has become the highest grossing animated release of all time at the worldwide box office on $1.325bn.

Meanwhile Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker dominated the weekend and has reached $918.2m worldwide, while Greta Gerwig’s Little Women has raced to $20.4m from its first six markets via Sony, including $11.9m in its first 11 days in the UK. Fox Searchlight’s Jojo Rabbit opened in the UK on $3m including previews as the relatively early international tally approaches $10m.


UPDATED: Family smash Frozen II has now overtaken Frozen’s $1.287bn after it added $53.7m at the weekend to reach its new mark, earning $42.9m internationally for $875.9m, and $11.3m for $449.9m in North America.

Debuts in Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia this weekend brought the highest Disney Animation opening weekend in all three: $10.3m, $1.9m, and $600,000, respectively. This was also the highest January debut in Brazil and Argentina, and the seventh highest industry launch in Brazil.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker added $83.4m globally to reach $918.2m, and stands at $467.2m internationally following a $49.6m weekend haul. The sci-fi stands at $450.8m in North America thanks to a $33.7m session. Leading the way is the UK on $66.9m.

Blue Sky Studios’ Spies In Disguise is approaching the $50m international mark in its early stages, having grossed $15.9m from 35 material territories for $42.3m. A $25.9m global weekend elevated the tally to $88.8m, while $10.1m in North America resulted in a $46.7m running total. The film added $2.1m in France for a $5.2m running total, and added $1.5m in the UK for $5.6m.

Fox Searchlight’s Jojo Rabbit opened on $3m including previews in the UK as the early international running total from eight markets climbed to $9.4m, and worldwide reached $31m. Highlights so far for the Nazi era dark comedy include five weekends at number one in director Taika Waititi’s native New Zealand. The film continues to roll out internationally this month.


UPDATED: Jumanji: The Next Level has reached $610m globally and added $39m internationally from 64 markets to stand at $372.8m. The adventure sequel held at number one in Australia after $5.4m elevated the tally to $19.8m, while it ranks second in the UK on $4m for $37.4m after four weekends. Germany generated $3.5m for $19.4m after four, and Mexico produced $1.7m for number one and a $17.1m running total after four.

China is the lead market on $41.2m, followed by the UK, then France on $22.6m, Australia, Germany, Russia on $15.9m, Mexico, Indonesia on $15.2m, Malaysia on $12.8m, and Spain on $11.4m.

Little Women has soared past $70m at the worldwide box office after impressive holiday season launches in the UK, Australia, France and Spain. Sources said the Louisa May Alcott adaptation earned $9.4m for the weekend, adding $3.4m in its second weekend in the UK for $11.9m after reportedly played well in London art house venues and smaller mainstream cinemas in surrounding cities. The tally is running 8% ahead of The Favourite and 243% ahead of Gerwig’s Lady Bird by the same stage.

Australia has generated an estimated $3.3m weekend including previews following a $765,000 New Year’s Day launch and the film has grossed four times as much as The Favourite by the same stage. Spain has delivered $3m and France around $1.5m, some 50% ahead of the opening of The Favourite. Coming up are debuts in Brazil and Italy on January 9, Mexico on January 24, and Germany and Russia on January 30.

Sceen Gems and Stage 6 Films’ The Grudge opened in its first 29 markets, earning $5.8m to track ahead of both The Grudge 2 by 35% and Poltergeist by 39% at current exchange rates for the same group of markets. The horror remake opened top in three out of its five Southeast Asia on $1.8m, and grossed $963,000 in Indonesia. It took $1.4m in Middle East. The Grudge arrives in Germany on January 9, France on January 15, Russia on January 16, the UK on January 24, Australia on January 30, Brazil on February 13, Mexico on February 14, and Italy on February 27.

Fedor Bondarchuk’s (Stalingrad) Invasion (Vtorzhenije) launched in Russia on a superb $8.7m over five days for the sixth highest opening ever for a local title in the market, tracking 8% ahead of the filmmaker’s 2017 predecessor Attraction.


UPDATED: Rian Johnson’s all-star whodunnit Knives Out added $8.9m from 70 international markets and stands at $117.4m, rising to $247.5m worldwide. It opened in Germany and Austria on a bullish $2.7m and $660,000 starts including previews to rank fourth and second, respectively.

China still remains the top market after six weekends on $28.1m, while the UK is next on $15m, Australia on $8.3m, France on $7m, and Russia on $5.5m – all after six. Knives Out arrives in its final market Japan on January 31.


Guy Ritchie’s gangster caper The Gentlemen starring Matthew McConaughey grossed $7.6m from debuts in the UK, Australia and New Zealand ahead of the wide international roll-out and the North American launch via STX on January 24.

The film opened in the UK in fourth place on $4.2m via Entertainment Film and is tracking 8% ahead of Knives Out at the same stage. It debuted at number three on $3.1m in Australia through Roadshow and tracks 56% ahead of the aforementioned whodunnit, and arrived in fourth place on $324,000 in New Zealand via Roadshow.

Key upcoming debuts include Mexico and Middle East on January 24, France on February 5, Russia on February 13, and Germany on February 27. 


UPDATED: Cats has crept to $54.1m worldwide in the wake of a $6.8m weekend that saw international box office lift itself up by $4.2m to $29.3m, and North America by $2.6m, for $24.7m. Russia was the top new market on $491,000 at number 10, while the UK was the lead holdover on a decent $1.4m for $13.3m after three weekends. Next is Australia on $2.2m after two, and Germany on $1.8m after two. Cats opens in Argentina this week.

The Addams Family broke through the $200m worldwide barrier following a $1.6m weekend for $200.4m that saw international rise by $1.5m for $102.4m through all distributors and $86m through Universal.

Rom-com Last Christmas stands at $120.7m globally and $85.5m internationally, while psychological horror The Lighthouse has reached $12.8m worldwide and $2.1m from 11 international markets, fired up by a $324,000 number 10 debut in Mexico.


UPDATED: Clint Eastwood’s Olympic Games bombing drama Richard Jewell grossed $2.1m from its initial international launch in 12 markets, raising the global haul to $23.2m. The drama opened in Spain on $851,000, Mexico on $568,000, and Brazil on $199,000. The Good Liar stands at $14.8m internationally and $31.9m globally.