Warner Bros Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ monster feature was in appropriately destructive mood at the weekend, scoring the biggest international debut of the year-to-date on an estimated $103m.

Godzilla was active on 16,946 screens in 64 markets. 3D accounted for 51% of box office, while Imax generated $22m worldwide for the second best May opening after Iron May 3 on $28.7m. The film score $7.5m internationally from 186 screens.

In a string of number one debuts through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI), the film took $10.4m in the UK including previews, $9.1m in Russia, $8.9m in Mexico, the biggest launch of 2014 in Australia on $6.1m and $6.5m in France.

Germany produced $5.6m, South Korea $4.5m, Brazil $4.2m, Italy $3.6m and Spain $1.6m. The film opens in China on June 13. Warner Bros does not hold rights for Japan.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 added $31.5m through Sony Pictures Releasing International to reach $461m and is well on its way to the half-billion mark. China added $13.5m in the third session to climb to $78.5m.

Neighbors grossed $13.5m through 35 Universal Pictures International territories for $54.8m.

Ocho Apellidos Vascos (Spanish Affairs) slipped to number two in Spain for the first time in 63 days and stands at $73.4m to consolidate its status as Universal’s biggest release ever in Spain and the second biggest release in that country, behind Avatar.

Noah has reached $243m through paramount Pictures International.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is getting closer to that extraordinary $100m milestone and stands at $97m through Fox International.

The Other Woman added $8.3m for $79.8m and Rio 2 grossed $7.6m to reach $332.4m.