Warner Bros-New Line-MGM’s fantasy epic grossed a further $13.7m from 28 markets on December 12 following the $11.3m opening day gross across 11 territories on December 10 to stand at $26.6m internationally.

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies scored Warner Bros’ biggest opening day in history in Russia on $2.5m from 2,285 screens.

Brazil generated $1.3m from 1,037 rising to $1.8m including previews, while Mexico delivered $1.1m from 2,775.

New Zealand produced the biggest debut of the year on $529,000 from 205 - the widest ever release in the territory.

Five Armies added $2.1m from Germany on the second day following the $3.2m debut for $5.3m and $1.5m in France in addition to $2.8m for $4.2m.

The film was set to open in the UK on December 12.

December 11 brings new launches in 17 territories, among them Russia, Brazil, Mexico and New Zealand, with a further eight to follow on December 12 including the UK. Japan welcomes the film on December 13.

Beyond that, The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies will open in South Korea, Italy and Spain on the weekend of December 17, the US on December 19 and China on January 23.

The film grossed $298,000 from 21 runs on December 10 led by the Pathe Spuimarkt in The Hague on $27,268, Cineplexx IMAX Donauplex 13 in Vienna on $22,388 and the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin on $20,019.