UPDATED: New Line’s horror reboot It debuted in 10 additional territories this weekend and continued to break international records as it brought in $61.1m on 15,339 screens in 56 markets to reach $153.5m.

Andy Muschietti’s film dropped a mere 36% in holdover markets after last weekend’s massive opening and stands at $372.3m worldwide.

In Mexico, It generated $13.9m on 4,300 screens, which is the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film, the biggest Warner Bros opening weekend of 2017, and the third-biggest opening of all time for a Warner Bros film. Sweden also boasted the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film and the biggest Warner Bros opening weekend in 2017, producing $2.8m on 186 screens in a clear number one. The tentpole delivered the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film in Israel, Portugal, South Africa and Turkey.

It grossed $8.1m for $27.6m in the UK, dipping just 39% from last weekend to maintain the number one position in the market. Australia dropped a mere 33%, generating $4m for $11.7m, and fending off four new films to stay number one. Meanwhile, Russia added $4.1m for a running total of $13.9m. In Brazil, the horror film added $3.3m for a running total of $10.9m.

Spain produced $2m for $7.2m, Indonesia generated $1.3m for $4.1m after a 5% drop, while Holland brought in $1.3m for $3.2m. The UK is the top grossing territory on $27.6m, followed by Mexico on $13.9m, Russia on $13.9m, Australia on $11.7m, Brazil on $10.9m, and Spain on $7.2m. South Korea has generated $5.9m, Indonesia $4.1m, Holland $3.2m, India $3.2m, Chile $3m, and Malaysia $2.9m.

It will debut in France and Argentina this week and opens in four IMAX markets including France and Argentina. 

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk grossed an additional $5.7m from 48 markets, taking the international total to $323.6m and the worldwide tally to $508.8m. Japan produced $1.9m for $7.8m during its second weekend, representing a drop of just 37% and ranking number two in the market. The UK is the top market on $72.7m, followed by China on $50.3m, South Korea on $21.8m, France on $21.3m, and Australia on $18.3m.

Annabelle: Creation grossed $4m from 60 markets, bringing the international total to $191.1m. The horror sequel stands at $290.8m worldwide. Mexico has generated $18.6m, while South Korea stands at $13.8m, Brazil $12.6m, the UK $10.7m, France $10.4m, and Indonesia $9.8m.


UPDATED: War For The Planet Of The Apes delivered Fox’s biggest opening weekend of all time in China on an estimated $60.4m, opening two months after the North American debut due in part to China’s recent summer blackout of non-local films.

Fears of diminished returns due to the late dating were allayed. Matt Reeves’ final instalment of the Planet Of The Apes franchise grossed 42% higher than its predecessor Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and 20% higher than Logan

The results in China lift the film’s international total to $286.1m, with a release in Japan still to come. The film still lags behind the international performance of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, which earned $502.1m – $107.4m of that coming from China. War For The Planet Of The Apes earned $5m from 437 IMAX screens in China, lifting the IMAX total to $7.2m.

Alien: Covenant debuted in Japan on $2.4m, taking the number one position in the market. The film now stands at $161.8m internationally. Alien: Covenant’s opening in Japan is 8% bigger than that of Mad Max: Fury Road.


UPDATED: Spider-Man: Homecoming grossed another $15.2m from 43 markets to raise its international total to $531.3m. China added another $14.7m from 18,200 screens in its second weekend for a market total of $105.3m.

Baby Driver released in its final markets over the weekend, racing off with $5.1m from 50 for an international tally of $113.4m. The film debuted in South Korea at number two on $3.1m including previews from 600 screens. Meanwhile, The Emoji Movie added $5.5m for $95.5m. Australia produced $1.8m, including previews, which is double the opening of Smurfs: The Lost Village and 67% ahead of The Peanuts Movie. The Dark Tower grossed $790,000 over the weekend for $59.9m.


UPDATED: Tom Cruise’s latest starring vehicle American Made grossed $12.2m in 53 territories for a total of $49.1m. The film opened in 10 territories over the weekend, including a number one opening in France and French-Switzerland. The film debuted in South Korea at number three on $1.9m, while France generated $1.8m in week one, coming in on par with American Hustle and The Equalizer. Italy produced $1.2m for third place, while Brazil produced $1.1m, which is higher than both Jack Reacher films, Edge Of Tomorrow and American Hustle. The action film debuted in Mexico at number two on $452,000.  

Doug Liman’s action comedy debuted in the Philippines on $370,000, which is bigger than Jack Reacher. Central America produced $247,000, while a number one debut in French-Switzerland generated $147,000, which is bigger than the openings for Argo, Jack Reacher and Edge Of Tomorrow. The film also debuted in Belgium and Peru on $216,000 and $152,000, respectively. There are 12 territories to open over the next three months. This week American Made opens in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Historical drama Victoria And Abdul debuted in 10 territories over the weekend, grossing $4.7m. The UK produced $2.5m, enough for second place in the market. The drama debuted in Australia on $1.5m, while New Zealand produced $289,000 during its first session. Poland generated $131,000, while the UAE and the Middle East generated $84,000 and $68,000, respectively. The film starring Judi Dench and Ali Fazal will open in 10 territories day-and-date with North America this weekend.

Illumination’s Despicable Me 3 grossed $4.4m in 49 territories for an international total of $754.3m. Combined with $261.1m from North America, the worldwide total is $1.015bn. Italy is the film’s top holdover market, generating $1.3m for $19.8m after four sessions. In Japan, Despicable Me 3 earned $967,000 for a total of $63.2m. China remains the film’s top grossing market on $152.3m, the UK comes in a distant second on $61.1m, followed by Germany on $42.5m, France $40.5m, Brazil $38.9m, and Mexico $34.8m.

Atomic Blonde grossed $600,000 in 30 Universal and Sierra/Affinity territories for a running total of $43.8m internationally and $95.3m worldwide. Universal has opened all of its territories for Charlize Theron’s action film. Girls Trip added $1m in 11 territories for $18.5m internationally and $132.8m globally. The female-driven comedy debuted in Taiwan on $98,000, bigger than Bad Moms and Sisters, and on par with Bad Teacher, while the UK generated $109,000 for $11.5m. Sophia Coppola’s The Beguiled added $549,000 from 25 territories for $13.2m. Combined with North America’s $10.6m, the worldwide total is $23.8m.


UPDATED: Disney and Pixar’s Cars 3 grossed a further $6.5m from 18 territories, raising the international running total to $205.1m and the worldwide total to $357.4m. The animation debuted at number one in Italy, where it grossed $4.3m, which is three times more than the number two film in the market, and only 8% behind Monsters University. China is the top grossing market on $20.7m, followed by France $18.8m, Japan $16m, Mexico $15.6m, and the UK $14.9m.


CBS Films’ American Assassin grossed $6.2m from 41 markets from its initial international rollout. The film ranked number one in the UAE, and took in $1.1m in the Middle East. The action thriller starring Taylor Kitsch, Dylan O’Brien and Michael Keaton debuted in the UK on $960,0000, and in Australia on $944,000.  American Assassin will debut in France, Brazil and Mexico this week.


Darren Aronofsky’s art house horror mother! debuted in its first 16 international markets day-and-date with North America, grossing $6m. The film debuted in France at number three on $1.3m, while the UK generated $1.1m during its first weekend of release. Russia produced $1.1m, Germany produced $799,000, while Australia generated $584,000. The Netherlands delivered $231,000, Switzerland produced $206,000, and Belgium produced $116,000. The film starring Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfeiffer debuts in Brazil and Mexico this week.