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‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’

JULY 2 UPDATE: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has raced past $900m worldwide as a $118.4m haul propelled the tally to $935.1m worldwide, while Fox Star scored its second highest debut in India where the biopic Sanju arrived on $21.6m.


UPDATED: A $57.3m international weekend from 68 territories boosted the running total on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to $669.2m. The dinosaurs rank second in China on $14.9m behind local opened Animal World and have reached $237.1m after three sessions.

In second weekend holds, Mexico delivered $6.2m for $23.3m and Australia $4.5m for $14.7m, while the UK generated $2.5m for $45.8m after four.

Elsewhere Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom added $2.5m for $12.8m in Brazil, $1.6m for $4.8m in Argentina, $1.4m for $3.7m in Peru, $1.2m for $3.9m in Colombia, and $1.3m for $3.2m in Chile – all after two – and grossed $1.5m for $45.5m in South Korea and $1.2m for $20.9m in Spain, both after four. The blockbuster arrives in Japan on July 13.

The Blumhouse horror thriller Truth Or Dare added $1.1m for $51.8m and $92.5m worldwide and debuted in Hong Kong at number three on $255,000. Wim Wenders’ documentary Pope Francis: A Man Of His Word stands at $2.1m.


UPDATED: Incredibles 2 became the tenth Pixar film to cross $600m worldwide as an $89.8m weekend boosted the running total to $646.8m and overtook the $633m lifetime total (inflation unadjusted) of The Incredibles. A further $45.4m international haul from 36 territories elevated the tally to $208.2m with Latin America in strong early form.

The superhero family ventured into Brazil and opened top on $6.6m in the second highest animation debut behind Despicable Me 3 heading into school holidays. It has grossed an estimated $79m across South America and stands at $30m in Mexico, $8.8m in Argentina, and an estimated $7.8m in Colombia.

Elsewhere the film has generated a highly respectable $40.7m in China, $19.3m in Australia, $13.1m in Russia (where the film ranks as Pixar’s second highest release behind Inside Out), and an estimated $7.4m in Indonesia. Incredibles 2 is yet to open in the major European markets. It arrives this week in France, and enters the UK on July 13.

Lucasfilm’s Solo: A Star Wars Story added $6.2m for $161.7m, and stands at $368.9m worldwide. It opened in Japan on an estimated $5.9m to rank as the top Western release. The UK remains the lead market on $25.4m, followed by China on $16.6m, Germany on $15.9m, Australia on $12.7m, and France on $10.9m. Latest estimates put Spain on $6.9m, Russia on $6m, and Italy on $5.2m.


Han Yan’s fantasy thriller Animal World ranked top on $31.6m and stands at $34.6m in China, where box office reached $4.77bn (RMB 31.6bn) in the first half of the year according to data from EntGroup. The Animal World cast includes Michael Douglas. Action title Escape Plan 2: Hades with Sylvester Stallone and Dave Bautista debuted in China on $11.6m.


UPDATED: Ocean’s 8 generated $14.4m from 62 markets as the international running total climbed to $95.7m and worldwide reached $210.7m.

In a trio of second weekend holds, the heist caper added $1.7m in the UK to rank number two and stand at $9.1m, grossed $1.1m in Russia where it also ranks second and has amassed $4.6m, and added $1.1m in Germany for $3.6m and ranks number two.

In the third weekend, the film grossed $979,000 in South Korea for $10.4m and ranks fourth, and grossed $732,000 for $4.6m in France where it ranks third. The female masterminds made off with an additional $814,000 in the fourth weekend in the lead market Australia where Ocean’s 8 stands at $11.4m and ranks fifth.

The film debuted in Sweden and Finland onan estimated $593,000 and $316,000, respectively, ranking second in both. Ocean’s 8 delivered the best debut in the franchise in Finland. It opens this week in Spain.

The comedy Tag grossed $3.8m from 37 markets for $7.6m and opened in third place in World Cup hosts and quarter-finallists Russia on $1.1m, and arrived in the UK on $629,000 in fourth place. The film opens this week in Italy and will continue to roll out in the summer.

The Witch delivered a superb number one debut in South Korea on an estimated $7.3m on 1,090 screens, securing close to 50% of top five market share. The release is a Warner Bros Pictures presentation of a Gold Moon Film Production and Peppermint & Company co-production.


UPDATED: Fox Star’s biopic Sanju about the life of jailed actor Sanjay Dutt debuted in India and the UK for a combined $22.9m, earning top spot in India for Fox Star’s second highest debut ever on $22.4m in 4,200 venues.

The UK delivered $597,365 in sixth place from 137. Ranbir Kaboor portrays Dutt, and the cast includes Paresh Rawal.

Deadpool 2 added $3.2m for $409.m and arrived in Egypt on $161,628 in 32 sites. The wise-cracking superhero stands at $43.9m in the UK, $26.9m in Australia, $22.7m in Germany, and $22.1m in France – all after seven weekends. It has amassed $15.4m in Japan after five.

Rom-com Love, Simon stands at $22.1m following a $1.6m session, debuting in Germany on $555,624 in 501, France on $370,454 in 232, and Austria on $118,484 in 83. Spain has produced $602,183 after two.


UPDATED: Sicario: Day Of The Soldado arrived in 42 Lionsgate territories on $8.3m. The drug cartel thriller led the way in South Korea on $1.2m, and debuted in Australia on $927,000, the UK on $923,000, the Middle East on an estimated $930,000, and France $677,000. It opens this week in Belgium and the Netherlands.


UPDATED: Sicario: Day Of The Soldado debuted in 13 SPRI markets across Latin America and Spain, earning $2.1m on more than 1,800 screens.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation got an early launch in Australia as school holidays begin this week, arriving on a franchise-best $1.9m including previews on 397 screens. The animation opens in Brazil, Mexico, Russia, and Spain over July 12 and 13.


UPDATEDAdrift, the Shailene Woodley and Sam Clafin survival drama, opened in seven international territories including Australia, where it debuted at number seven on $661,000, and the UK, where it also opened at number seven on $528,000. Overall the film added $2.5m from 32 markets and stands at $5m. Adrift debuted in Russia at number four on $529,000, and arrives this week in France.


Horror A Quiet Place grossed $900,000 in nine markets to reach $142.7m. The final market will be Japan on September 28. The animation Sherlock Gnomes grossed $341,000 for $44.9m.