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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

UPDATE: Spider-Man: Homecoming grosses $70.8m from its debut in China. Meanwhile, IT takes in $66.3m from 46 markets, ranking number one in virtually all of them. Elsewhere, Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk has crossed the $300m international mark.


UPDATED: Spider-Man: Homecoming reached the top of the box office charts in China with an impressive $70.8m, which ranks as the third-biggest superhero opening of all time in that market.  The film grossed $71.8m internationally from more than 21,000 screens in 47 markets for a running international total of $495.6m. The latest incarnation of Peter Parker is closing in on The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s $506.1m international haul. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 grossed $94.4m in China. Spider-Man: Homecoming grossed $6m on 442 IMAX screens in China, which is the best ever IMAX opening weekend in September, as well as the best opening weekend for any Sony title in IMAX.

The Emoji Movie grossed $6m this weekend from 55 markets, pushing the international sum to $88.7m. Brazil, up 9% in its second weekend, pulled in $2.3m from 799 screens for a market total of $4.9m. The UK dipped just 22% from last weekend to earn $722,000 in its sixth weekend for $17.1m. The animation debuts in Australia this week. Meanwhile, Baby Driver grossed another $3m over the weekend from 49 markets, raising the international total to $107.2m. Italy generated $1.1m, including previews, from 352 screens. Baby Driver’s final three markets South Korea, Thailand and Hong Kong, are set to release this weekend.  

Columbia Pictures and MRC production The Dark Tower added $2.6m from 54 markets for $58m, while Poster Boys, a Hindi language comedy, debuted at number one in India on $1.4m from 1,000 screens. The film opened in eight international markets this weekend grossing a total of $1.5m from more than 1,100 screens.


UPDATED: IT scared up an impressive opening weekend, grossing $66.3m on approximately 10,665 screens in 46 markets. Andy Muschietti’s Stephen King adaptation has the biggest opening ever for a horror film, the biggest September opening ever, excluding China, and the biggest WB opening in 2017 in ten markets, including Russia, Australia, Brazil, and Spain.

IT debuted in the UK on $13.6m from 1,342 screens, becoming by far the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film. The film captured an unprecedented 82% share of the top five films in the market. Russia generated $6.9m on 1,639 screens, also coming in as the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film, the biggest all time September opening and the biggest WB opening weekend of this year.

Elsewhere,  Australia shattered records, generating $5.9m on 544 screens. The film dominated with a 70% share of the top five, while Brazil, benefitting from the Independence Day holiday, produced $5.7m on 846 screens, ranking as the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film. IT debuted in South Korea on $4.2m, and ranks as the number one foreign title in the market, with the results coming in well ahead of The Conjuring and Annabelle.

Spain generated $3m from 452 screens during opening weekend, doubling the results of The Conjuring and Annabelle, and 68% ahead of The Conjuring 2, while Holland produced $1.5m and Poland produced $1.2m.  In other Asia markets, the film collectively grossed nearly $10m and ranked number one everywhere. IT is set to debut in Mexico and Sweden this week. IT grossed $10m at the worldwide IMAX box office, making it IMAX’s best ever worldwide September opening weekend, as well as the best ever opening for a horror film.

Elsewhere, Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk has crossed $300m in international box office after grossing a further $14m in 52 markets on approximately 13,025 screens, bringing its international total to $310m. The worldwide tally is now $493m. The Second World War action drama debuted in Japan on $3m, ranking number one.  These results are 72% ahead of Interstellar and are on par with American Sniper. China produced $6m, ranking number two, and now stands at $46.4m. Italy produced $2.3m for $7.3m. The UK remains the top grossing market on $71.8m, followed by China on $46.4m, South Korea $21.8m, France $20.7m, Australia $18.1m and Spain $10.1m.

Horror sequel Annabelle: Creation added $8.8m from 61 international markets for $184.5m, which brings the worldwide gross to $280.8m. Argentina generated $1.8m for $5m. Mexico is the top market on $18.1m, followed by South Korea $13.8m, Brazil $12.1m, the UK $10.5m, and France $9.9m.

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman grossed $710,000 in Japan this weekend on 444 screens.  The results bring the running total there to $9.5m. DC’s tentpole now stands at $405.9m internationally and $816.4m worldwide. China is the top market on $89.1m, followed by Brazil $33.5m, the UK 28.2m, Australia $23.4m, Mexico $22.5m, and France $16.3m.


UPDATED: Illumination’s Despicable Me 3 added $7.3m from 50 territories for a total of $748.3m.  Despicable Me 3 is the third-highest-grossing animated film of all time internationally behind Frozen’s $876m and Minions’ $831m. Combined with North America’s $260m, the worldwide total is $1.008bn. Despicable Me 3 is the top grossing animated film worldwide this year. The animation  grossed $3m in Italy for a total of $17.8m. In its eighth week in Japan, Despicable Me 3 is holding at number two on $1.1mfor $61.9m. China stands at $152.3m, the UK $60.6m, Germany $42.1m, France $40.2m, and Brazil $38.9m.

Tom Cruise’s American Made grossed $8.5m from 43 territories for an early international total of $33.8m. The film debuted at number two in Germany on $1.4m. While it debuted in German-Switzerland at number one on $339,000. Hong Kong produced $481,000 in week one, while the UK held at number two in week three on $881,000 for a total of $5.6m. There are 22 territories to open over the next three months. This weekend, American Made debuts in Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, France, Italy along with six other territories.

Atomic Blonde added $2.5m in 30 Universal and Sierra/Affinity territories over the weekend to raise the international total to $43m. Combined with $51m from North America, the worldwide total stands at $94m. The Charlize Theron spy thriller debuted in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay over the weekend (Universal’s last releases), with Argentina as the top opener on $186,000. Mexico produced $686,000 for $2.4m, while Brazil generated $474,000 for $1.6m.

Female-driven comedy Girls Trip added $1.6m from 10 territories for an international total of $16.8m, and a worldwide total of $130.2m. Sophia Coppola’s The Beguiled grossed a further $1.3m from 25 territories. raising the international haul to $12.1m. The film opened in limited release in nine territories this weekend, including South Korea, Mexico and the Philippines. Coppola’s drama opens in Hong Kong this weekend.


UPDATED: War For The Planet Of The Apes earned a further $1.6m from 40 markets, lifting the international total to $224.6m.  The film continues to enjoy excellent holds in France, where it dipped 39% on $722,000 for $23m and Germany, where it earned $243,000 for $9.9m, down 37% from last weekend.  Apes will debut in China this weekend and in Japan next month.

Lino, an animated local production in Brazil, debuted on $627,000 in the market and earns the distinction of the biggest opening weekend for a local animation. Meanwhile, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie grossed $682,000 from 19 markets for a $30.6m running total. The UK generated $215,000, down 16% from last weekend.


UPDATED: Cars 3 added $3.9m from 22 territories over the weekend, raising the international total to $198.1m. China is the top grossing market on $20.3m, followed closely by France $18.4m, Japan $16m, Mexico $15.6m, and the UK on $14.8m. Disney and Pixar’s animation debuts in Italy next weekend.