The Revenant grossed an estimated $33.8m from 48 markets as the running total reached $104.5m. 

The Revenant


The top debutant was director Alejandro G Iñárritu’s native Mexico on a mighty $5.3m, followed by Denmark on $963,000.

In the second weekend the survival saga generated $5.9m in the UK for $17.9m, $4.4m in Italy for $9.4m and $3.2m for $10.4m in South Korea.

Third sessions saw box office in Germany rise by $3.5m for $15.2m and $1.6m for $9.4m in Australia. The global tally stands at $223.7m.

Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip earned $5.8m for $54.4m from 33 and opened top in Spain on $1.3m.

Joy added $3.1m from $36.1m while DreamWorks’ Bridge Of Spies jumped by $1m to $89.2m.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens overtook Jurassic World last week to become the fourth biggest international release in history and added $23.3m at the weekend to reach $1.06bn.The film added $37.6m globally and held on to number one in Japan for the sixth consecutive weekend and stands at $80m.

China’s $112.7m running total means the film is highly unlikely to overtake Titanic’s $2.19bn final score to rank as the second biggest release of all time behind Avatar.

The UK has produced $173.3m, Germany $103.5m, France $85m, Australia $63.4m, Spain $34.6m, Italy $28.2m, Mexico $27.4m, Brazil $27.3m, Russia $25.8m and South Korea $24.1m.


Disaster movie The 5th Wave starring Chloe Moretz boosted the early running total by $15.9m from 55 markets to $27.4m.

The film broke records across Latin America as it grossed $4.8m overall and scored the biggest debut for a new YA property in 13 markets. Brazil led the way on $1.6m and Peru delivered $692,000.

Russia delivered a $2m number one debut and Spain generated $1.3m for number one. The film opened in the UK on $710,000 and added $1m for $3.2m in Australia. Germany has grossed $2.1m.

The Walk opened its final markets of China and Japan on $6.1m and $575,000, respectively. The overall weekend take of $6.7m from four markets boosted the tally to $41.5m.

Goosebumps grossed $2.2m including Village Roadshow markets from 12 overall for $52m. It opened in Australia on $1.3m. Spectre stands at $678.2m and $145.8m in the UK.


Saturday night’s PGA winner The Big Short brought in a further $10.1m form 51 markets as the running total climbed to $30.7m.

The financial crisis ensemble drama opened at number five in the UK on $2m, number three in South Korea on $1.2m, number three on Spain on $.1m, number seven in Venezuela on $515,000 and number six in Russia on $439,000.

Australia stands at 2.6m after two, Italy $4.6m and Germany $1.7m.

Comedy Daddy’s Home grossed $5.9m from 46 for $59.3m and has climbed to $22.9m in the UK after five sessions and $14.2m in Australia after the same period of time.


Creed grossed $9.1m to reach $41.9m from 37 markets and opened top in Belgium on $377,000 and debuted in Holland on $368,000

The drama held on to number one in its second weekend in France as $2.7m boosted the tally to $7.2m and added $1.8m for $6.3m in the UK. Australia and Italy have delivered $5.1m and $4.9m, respectively.

Point Break grossed $1.3m from 14 Warner Bros markets for $16.1m, which rises to $84m including Lionsgate International licensees. Russia is the top market on $5.5m, followed by Mexico on $4.9m and Colombia on $1.6m.


The Hateful Eight added $8.7m to reach $50m from a total of 40 territories. The Western opened top in Australia on $2.3m including 70mm previews and ranks number two in its second weekend in Argentina where it has grossed $717,000.

It has grossed $10m in France and $9.6m in the UK after three sessions, $3.5m in Spain after two and $2.5m the Netherlands after three. Scandinavia has generated $6m.


Ride Along 2 grossed $6.5m from 19 territories this to reach an early $10.4m and opened in the UK at number two on $3.1m and in Germany in fourth place on $1.3m. It scored a record comedy debut in Trinidad on $153,000.

The Danish Girl added $4.4m from 22 for $19.4m and opened in Australia on $584,000. Spain generated $892,000 in the second session for $2.5m.  

Room, which Universal distributes in 20 territories, opened in Argentina on $130,000 for number six and Peru on $29,000.

Steve Jobs stands at $13m, Sisters $13.7m.