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‘Toy Story 4’

JUNE 24 UPDATE: Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story 4 delivered a record $244.5m global bow at the weekend that came with the added distinction of new opening weekend records in Mexico, the UK and Argentina.

The $120.9m North American result fell below some of the more hyperbolic forecasts, but this was a mighty start nonetheless powered by a $123.6m international debut from 37 markets, and sets the animation on course for a huge final gross.

Meanwhile Disney’s Aladdin crossed $800m worldwide, and Sony’s Men In Black: International reached $129.4m. Universal-Illumination’s The Secret Life Of Pets 2 is nearing $200m worldwide, and Paramount’s Rocketman crossed $150m in global ticket sales.


UPDATED: Toy Story 4, the fourth entry in the 24-year-old franchise, beat the $235.8m global debut set by Incredibles 2 one year ago – although the films opened in a different number of markets and did not follow the exact international footprint.

Internationally, the stand-out region was Latin America led by Mexico on a dynamic $23.8m for the highest opening weekend of all time, and Argentina on a remarkable $7.5m for the highest opening weekend ever in terms of admissions.

Toy Story 4 opened in the UK on $17m for the highest three-day animated opening weekend of all-time. The film is yet to open in many markets such as France, Germany and Italy, as well as Japan. The film also opened top in Russia on $2.4m, double that of Toy Story 3, and arrived top in Spain on $3.7m. In the UAE, Toy Story 4 posted the second highest Disney Animation/Pixar opening weekend of all-time, behind only Incredibles 2.

The tentpole opened top in most its markets in Asia-Pacific, and opened higher than Toy Story 3 in nine of the 11 markets. It opened in South Korea on $8.5m as the second highest Pixar film of all time behind only Incredibles 2, arrived in second place in China on $13.7m, and debuted in Indonesia on $2m for the highest Disney Animation/Pixar opening weekend ever. The Saturday gross in Thailand scored a single day record for any Disney Animation/Pixar release, and the film opened on $1.4m overall.

The debut in North America was the best launch of the series, the fourth highest animated debut in history behind only Incredibles 2, Finding Dory, and Shrek 3, and the third highest debt of the year to date.

Aladdin crossed $800m worldwide after adding an estimated $47.2m to reach an estimated $812.3m. The film grossed a confirmed$34.8m internationally for $524.7m, and an estimated $12.2m in North America for $287.5m. China retains the lead internationally on $53.4m, followed by Japan on $50.7m, South Korea on $49.5m, the UK on $41.2m, and Mexico on $31.3m.  Avengers: Endgame stands at $2.749bn worldwide, $1.916bn internationally, and $834.5m in North America.

Fox’s Dark Phoenix grossed $10.9m for $172.9m, and stands at an estimated $233m worldwide. China is the lead market on $58m, then Mexico on $9.6m, France on $9m, the UK on $8.5m, and Russia on $6.7m.


UPDATED: Columbia Pictures / Tencent Pictures / Hemisphere’s Men In Black: International grossed $29.9m from 65 markets for an international running total of $123.8m, with the worldwide gross on $176.4m.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson opened at number one in Indonesia on a strong $2.9m that was more than double the opening of Men In Black 3. The film also opened top across the Middle East region for a total of $2.1m, roughly on par with Men In Black 3. China delivered the top holdover on $5.9m for $41.5m, followed by Russia on $1.6m for $7.9m, Mexico on $1.4m for $7.2m, Australia on $1.3m for $4.6m, and France on $1.2m for $3.9m.


UPDATED: The Secret Life Of Pets 2 is approrachng $200m worldwide and now stands at $194.8m. It added $10.7m internationally to reach an early $77.2m and opened in second place on $4.2m in Australia, where it is expected to prosper heading into school holidays in two weeks’ time. The animation has amassed $22.2m in Russia after four sessions, and $21.5m in the UK after five. Octavia Spencer horror Ma stands at $56.8m worldwide, and $13.1m internationally. Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die stands at an early $3.9m internationally, of which $556,000 comes from Germany and $532,000 from Italy, both after two weekends.


Godzilla II: King Of The Monsters brought it a further $7.8m from 77 markets as the international tally climbed to $263.5m, and worldwide reached $366m. China has delivered $131.2m after four sessions through Legendary East, and Japan $22.7m after four. The monster mash-up debuted in Spain on $522,000.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu grossed $1.5m from 62 for $283.1m internationally, and stands at $425.1m worldwide. China and Japan are the top two markets on $93.6m and $264m, respectively, followed by the UK on $17.4m, Germany on $12.7m, and France on $12.3m.


Elton John biopic Rocketman added $5.5m from 59 markets as the international haul reached $76.1m, and worldwide climbed to $153.4m. The fourth weekend in Australia delivered $1.1m for an $11.4m running total, and the fifth UK session produced $1m for $26.8m. After four, Rocketman stands at $4.7m in Germany, $3.4m in Brazil, $4.8m in France, $2.6m in New Zealand, and $2.1m in Netherlands. Japan is the final market to open on August 23.