Red Granite’s The Wolf Of Wall Street used a mighty UK debut through Universal to power its way to an estimated $27m weekend that dethroned Frozen at the international box office, according to latest results.

The dark comedy starring Golden Globe winner Leonardo DiCaprio arrived at number one in the UK through Universal Pictures International (UPI) on $7.6m from 499 theatres to score Martin Scorsese’s biggest opening weekend and DiCaprio’s second biggest debut.

All eight new markets through Universal delivered number one results and $20.6m as the UPI running total climbed to $25.5m. Factoring in Red Granite International licensees, which accounted for a further $6.4m, Wolf’s overall running total stands at $58m.

Germany generated $6.4m from 502 for a Scorsese record, while Spain produced $3.4m from 305 for another new benchmark for the director. Universal handles both markets.

Despicable Me 2 generated $9m in its second weekend in China in 4,500 sites through UPI to reach $32.7m. The international running total stands at $586.1m.

47 Ronin added $5.5m from 45 territories for $78.5m and opened in six new locales including Australia on $1.6m. The English-language German title The Physician (Der Medicus) added $3.9m from four territories to stand at $37.1m and has reached $32.5m in Germany after four weekends.

  • Disney’s Frozen added $24.6m to boost the running total to $426.5m. The Golden Globe-winning animation, now also nominated for an Oscar, arrived at number two in South Korea and scored the biggest launch for a Disney-Pixar release on $8.9m.

Frozen has produced $759.1m worldwide and $55.9m in the UK, $43.9m in Germany, $40.3m in France, $32.1m in Russia, $26m in Italy, $24.5m in Australia, $23.5m in Mexico, $19.8m in Spain and $15.6m in Brazil. It opens in China on February 5 and Japan on March 15. Saving Mr Banks has grossed $12.1m for the early stages of release.

  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit opened day-and-date with North America in 29 territories and generated an estimated $22.2m through Paramount Pictures International.

IMAX top brass reported $1.5m from 214 screens and the worldwide tally is projected to reach $5m for the weekend.

Kenneth Branagh directed Chris Pine, Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner in the spy thriller reboot and the film ranked number one in 13 locales led by a boisterous $9.5m from 4,000 screens in China.

Shadow Recruit infiltrated Russia on $2m from 1,050 for number one, Australia on $2m from 227, Mexico on $1.2m from 456 for number two and South Korea on $1.8m from 350. Also of note was a number one Malaysian debut that produced $540,000 from 87 sites.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones added $6m from 4,161 venues in 40 markets to boost the running total to $43.9m. In its second weekend the horror film added $1.1m in Brazil for $3.8m and $925,000 in Russia for $5.4m. Mexico has produced $5.7m after three sessions. Anchorman 2 stands at $41.7m.

  • Chinese animation Boonie Bears grossed $15m.
  • Warner Bros-New Line-MGM’s The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug took another stride towards $600m following an estimated $10.9m weekend haul through Warner Bros Pictures International. The fantasy epic stands at $585m overall and has reached $84m in Germany after six weekends, $68.1m in the UK after six and $31m in Australia after four. It is set to open in China on February 21 and Japan on February 28.
  • The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty crossed $100m through Fox International as $8m from 57 markets elevated the tally to $105.8m.

The Book Thief added $5.3m from 16 for an early $11.3m and stands at $5.5m in Australia and $2.9m in Spain, both after two sessions. The WW2 drama debuted in Mexico on $1m from 386 and Russia on $515,153 from 724.

Reliance Big and BBC Earth’s Walking With Dinosaurs brought in a further $4.3m from 52 markets to reach $72.1m and opened in Brazil on $1.3m from 302. The running total includes $9.9m from those markets licensed by IM Global.

Horror film Devils’ Due opened day-and-date with North America in six markets led by the UK on $1.5m from 333 for number five. The Counselor has grossed $51.6m.

  • Sony Pictures Releasing International senior executives reported that Nicht Mein Tag opened in Germany on $2.4m from 408 in third place and Austria on $145,000 from 73 for number five. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 grossed $1.9m from 31 markets for $136.6m

Multiple Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner American Hustle took $1.2m from 11 markets for an early $1.3m following a $1m number three Mexican debut on 500. The international running total including territories licensed by Panorama stands at more than $35m. The film recently became director and co-writer David O Russell’s biggest hit in the UK on more than $12m.