US director Brett Morgen, whose new feature Chicago 10 screens on Locarno 's Piazza Grande on Friday, has revealed further details of his new 'official' feature documentary about Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of rock band Nirvana who died in 1994.

The film, made with Courtney Love's backing, will take a different approach to that of Nick Broomfield's 1998 film Kurt And Courtney, which was made without Love's support. Cobain is also the subject of another recent documentary, AJ Schnack's Kurt Cobain: About A Son.

In particular, Morgen's film will be more sympathetic toward Love than some past projects. 'She spent two years of her life - it is well documented - reviving Kurt from all of his overdoses,' Morgen says.

Although Love was responsible for hiring Morgen, the director says that she will have 'no authority over the film. She has given me carte blanche.'

Morgen is promising a 'celebration of Kurt and his art - his paintings and films, which have never been seen, his music.'

Meanwhile, Morgen is developing his first fiction film with Brad Pitt's company, Plan B. As yet untitled, the project is about the Iran-Contra Affair. No casting has been confirmed but Morgen has said that he would like George Clooney to play Oliver North.

Morgen is also making a 3-D documentary about the pioneers of action sports. Due to shoot all around the world this winter, the documentary will feature such figures as the surfer Kelly Slater, skateboarder Tony Hawk and BMX rider Mat Hoffman. The film will use the same 3-D technology used by James Cameron on Avatar.

The prolific film-maker, who co-directed The Kid Stays In The Picture, is also serving as producer on the documentary One Train Later, based on the memoir of Police guitarist Andy Summers.