Record-breaker Toni Erdmann still reigns.

Cannes 2016 jury grid d6

Andrea Arnold’s American Honey divided the critics on Screen’s Cannes 2016 Jury Grid on day six of the festival.

The road movie registered a maximum four stars from a possible four from the UK’s Tim Robey and Robbie Collin, while Russia’s Anton Dolin, the US’s Stephanie Zacharek, and France’s Michele Ciment all awarded it a solitary star.

Overall, it aggregated a 2.4 rating, putting it mid-pack, and level with Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake.

The day’s other debutant, Nicole Garcia’s From The Land Of The Moon, also proved divisive, receiving a trio of three-star ratings alongside three one-stars.

The film’s overall score was 2.1, putting it joint bottom alongside Alain Guiraudie’s Staying Vertical.

Still sitting pretty at the top of the grid is Maren Ade’s Toni Erdmann, which received the highest rating in the Grid’s history.