Inferno Entertainment and producers Nick Wechsler, Steve Schwartz and Paula Mae Schwartz have set Andrew Niccol to direct Saoirse Ronan in the Stephenie Meyer adaptation The Host.

Inferno is co-financing with the producers and commenced sales in Cannes this week with Meyer and Wechsler in attendance to talk to buyers. Inferno’s Marc Butan, Jim Seibel, and Bill Johnson serve as executive producers.

Niccol adapted the screenplay about a peace-loving alien race that inhabits human bodies to eradicate war on earth. When one defiant young woman refuses to guide the aliens to the last pockets of human resistance, it results in a complex love triangle between the alien, the human host and her boyfriend.

“Having Andrew at the helm for us is incredibly invigorating as he truly shares Stephenie’s vision on this film,” Inferno’s president of international sales Kimberly Fox said, adding: “We expect to have every territory in the world sold out very shortly, and then it’s about getting to the exciting part of making the movie.”

Niccol is represented by CAA.