Avatar enters its fourth weekend as the second highest grossing worldwide release in history on $1.131bn and should have little trouble retaining its box office crown as it sweeps past $800m overseas.

Fox International’s juggernaut currently stands at $760.9m and, for the record, has amassed $370.8m in North America.

The weekend session is sure to bring with it the latest round of records and indeed James Cameron’s sci-fi opera beat the Chinese opening day mark earlier this week on $5.3m. To date the tally in China stands at $14.4m after a mere three days.

While the film has set a ferocious pace virtually everywhere, there have been particularly notable grosses in France ($90.2m), Russia ($62.4m), Germany ($62.9m), the UK ($58.1m), Spain ($51.8m), Australia ($50.2m), South Korea ($49.6m), and Japan ($42.8,).

Elsewhere Avatar stands at $24.9m in Mexico, $23,7m in Brazil, $15.7m in India, $14.8m in Taiwan, $10.3m in Holland, $9.7m in Poland, $9.5m in Denmark, $8m in Greece, $7m in Turkey, $6m in Thailand, $5m in Malaysia, and $3.8m in the UAE. The highest worldwide grossing release remains Cameron and Fox’s Titanic on $1.842bn.

Fox International opens 13 Semester in Germany on January 7 and Hachiko: A Dog’s Story in Taiwan on January 9.

  • Summit International’s New Moon has crossed $400m and currently stands at $403.7m. The vampire saga has amassed $227m from Europe and more than $63.7m in Latin America, where Summit said it had become the highest grossing independent film in the region.

Top territories are the UK on $44.4m, France on $37.5m, Germany on $35.5m, Australia on $33.7m, Spain on $29.6m, Italy on $27.6m, Brazil on $26.2m, and both Mexico and the CIS on $18.6m.

  • Warner Bros Picture International’s Sherlock Holmes has crossed $100m and stands at $103m with the Brazilian launch set for this weekend.

  • The Surrogates has amassed $71.3m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International and arrives this weekend in Italy and Chile. The Princess And The Frog, currently on more than $45m, opens in Argentina. Old Dogs has reached $25.5m, A Christmas Carol $182m, and Up $423.9m.

  • Universal/UPI’s Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant has grossed $12.4m to date and opens in eight territories including Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland on January 6, Germany and German-speaking Switzerland on January 7, and Austria a day later.

It’s Complicatedon $15.4m opens in Australia and Argentina on January 7, followed by the UK on January 8. A Serious Man arrives in Spain on January 8 and stands at $3.6m.