The Works International has sold Irish comedy Zonad to Curious Film for distribution in Australia and New Zealand.

John and Kieran Carny’s comedy is about a supposed alien visitor who visits a small Irish town.

Michael Wrenn, CEO of Curious Film, said: “Curious are delighted to be able to bring the escapades of Zonad to the terrestrial beings of Australia and New Zealand.  The comedy and the team behind Zonad have a natural affinity with Australia and NZ; a country with its fair share of UFO sightings, respect for escaped alcoholics and a firm belief in the healing power of drink.”

Carl Clifton, MD of The Works International added: “Zonad the film is a cult classic in the making. Zonad the character will one day be looked on as a comedy creation of truly iconic status. Closely followed by Bonad of course. Curious get that and I’m sure they will have a lot of fun letting loose on Australia and New Zealand this fabulously ridiculous film.”