The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader dominated Harry Potter with a confirmed $66.2m launch through Fox International that firmly established it at the top of the international box office.

Walden Media / Fox’s family fantasy sequel debuted on 10,159 screens in 58 markets and combined with last weekend’s $14m aggregated launches in Spain, Australia and India for an $80.2m overseas running total. Factoring in the North American debut this weekend, Dawn Treader stands at $104.2m worldwide after a little more than one week in play.

The 3D international screen count totalled 4,584 or roughly 45% of the total screens and contributed approximately 66% of the box office. Fox International confirmed the film ranked number one in 32 markets, including the second weekend in Spain, and executives stressed that with many markets yet to break for school holidays, they expected high figures in the weeks ahead.

“We are thrilled with the early results of our release of Voyage Of The Dawn Treader,” Fox International co-presidents Paul Hanneman and Tomas Jegeus said. “We knew we were releasing ahead of the school holidays in most markets and, with these openings – and terrific word of mouth – we feel great about having set up the film for a long holiday run.

“3D contributed significantly to the results and once again proves that it is here to stay. With several key markets still to come including Japan, China, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and Argentina, we have a major hit on our hands.”

Russia: $10.9m from 1,284 screens, including $9.2m from 743 3D screens. Ranked number one.
Fox’s third biggest launch behind Ice Age 3 and Avatar

Mexico: $7.5m including previews from 1,705, of which 67% of box office came from 3D. Ranked number one.
Fox’s third biggest launch including previews

France: $6.2m including previews from 739 screens. 3D generated roughly $3.4m of box office from 389 screens. Ranked number one.

South Korea: $5.2m including previews from 502 screens, of which roughly $4.1m came from 261 3D screens. Ranked number one.

UK: $3.9m from 530 screens, including roughly $2.9m from 617 3D screens. Ranked number one.

Brazil: $2.7m from 534, of which roughly 47% of box office came from 3D screens. Ranked number one.

Hong Kong: $2.5m from 110 screens, of which $2.4m came from 100 3D screens. Ranked number one.
Fox’s biggest launch including previews

Malaysia: $2.4m from 185 screens including previews, including roughly $1.4m from 50 3D screens. Ranked number one.
Third biggest industry launch and Fox’s biggest opening weekend including previews

In second weekend holds, Dawn Treader added $2.3m from 624 in Spain following a 16% drop for $8.9m and ranked number one; $1.8m in Australia from 476 screens following a 26% drop for $5.6m and third place; and $940,608 in India from 445 for $4.6m.

  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 soared past $500m as a higher than estimated $30.9m from around 12,000 screens in 63 territories boosted the tally to $521.9m, according to official figures released by Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) on Monday [13].

The highest grossing market remains the UK by some margin on $67.9m (it added $3m over the weekend), followed by Japan on $53.3m, Germany on $48.5m, France on $36.5m and Australia on $33.9m. China has generated roughly $29.5m.

Due Date added $4.4m from 2,050 screens in 54 markets for $89.8m. The comedy has grossed $16.5m in the UK, $12m in Germany, $7.5m in Australia and $6.6m in France.

  • Tangled is one to watch at the box office and after a mere three weeks in 17 territories stands at $76.5m. The animated release added $21m from 4,784 screens and stands at $192.1m worldwide.

It opened top in Germany on $5.8m from 750 for the biggest animated debut of the year-to-date and the fifth biggest in Disney’s career. The second weekend in France added $4.3m from 685 for $12.4m and third place, and Tangled finished top for the second consecutive weekend in Italy where $2.1m from 616 resulted in $10.4m.

The film ranked second after three weekends in Russia where it has amassed $19.7m to be the sixth biggest animated release in industry history and the third biggest non-sequel behind Megamind and How To Train Dragon. It ranks second after three in Mexico on $8.7m and opened top in Austria on $947,000 from 85.

  • Sony Pictures Releasing International opened the romantic mystery The Tourist starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in 15 markets and reported an impressive $8m haul from 1,125 screens. South Korea led the way on $ 3.1m from 409 for second place followed by $2.2m in the UK from 430 for third. The Middle East generated $1.1m, Turkey $830,000 and Taiwan $800,000 from 63.

The Social Network continues to inch towards the $100m mark as $2.1m from 1,165 in 47 raised the running total to $97.5m.

Universal / UPI’s Robin Hood opened in the final market of Japan in fourth place on $1.9m from 299 venues as the international cumulative figure climbed to $208.9m.

Devil grossed $830,000 from 700 dates in 18 for $21.5m, while Despicable Me added $800,000 from 1,000 dates in 25 for $288.3m. Biutiful, which Universal is releasing in Spain and Italy, has taken $2.8m in Spain after two weekends and opens in Italy opens on February 4.  

La Donna Della Mia Vita, an Italian co-production with Cattleya, has taken $3.7m in Italy after three weekends. The American stands at $9.8m from five Universal territories. Julia’s Eyes, Universal’s Spanish co-production with Antenna 3, has grossed $9.2m after seven weekends in Spain. Universal is releasing Somewhere in a handful of territories and debuted in the UK on $190,000 from 62 for ninth place.

  • PPI reported that DreamWorks Animation’s Megamind grossed $11.7m from 3,265 sites in 32 international markets for $67.5m overseas. The film debuted in four markets led by a $3.3m number one result in Australia from 256. It held well in the UK on $2.1m from 472 for $7.4m after two. Jackass 3D grossed $2m from 1,093 locations in 32 territories for $51.1m. The second weekend in Italy generated $661,000 from 168 for $2m. t has amassed $3.6m in Russia after two.
  • Lionsgate’s final instalment Saw 3D added $2.2m for a $76.8m international running total.