Company also in talks for more Sundance titles.

UK distributor Dogwoof has acquired two films at Sundance 2012, they are Fredrik Gertten’s Big Boys Gone Bananas!* and Lise Birk Pedersen’s Putin’s Kiss.

Both will be distributed in Summer 2012.

The company is also in talks for several other Sundance titles.

Dogwoof also distributed Gertten’s Bananas!* in 2010. The new film follows Gertten dealing with a legal battle from the first film, about workers making claims against Dole. Dogwoof bought the new film directly from Gertten and WG Film.

Gertten said of the deal:  “Dogwoof were brave enough to pick up the first film [Bananas!*] when we were under fire, for which we are very proud - we are delighted to work with a team who know that to get docs out there in the current marketplace, you need to be both smart and creative.’

Putin’s Kiss, about a Russian youth movement leader, was acquired from DR sales by Dogwoof’s head of distribution Oli Harbottle. Helene Aurø of DR Sales said: “We are delighted to be working with Dogwoof on one more of our titles. We are confident that Putin’s Kiss will be a great success in the UK with such a professional team behind the film. “

Harbottle said of both acquisitions: “It is wonderful to add two such important and timely films to the Dogwoof roster - both films carry similar messages and display Dogwoof’s dedication not only to the documentary genre, but also films which are trying to make a difference.”