Ten distributors from across Europe have been selected to take part in the third edition of the European Film Promotion forum, which runs during the San Sebastian International Film Festival. 

This year’s event — European Distributors: Up Next! — will focus on the issue of how to promote European films across borders, through new technical formats, social community platforms and business models.

The ten distributors taking part in the forum will be:

Filmladen Filmverleih (Austria)

Continental Film (Croatia)

Øst for Paradis (Denmark)

Swift Distribution (France)

Neue Visionen Filmverleih (Germany)

Feelgood Entertainment A.E. (Greece)

Bolero Film (Italy)

Folkets Bio (Sweden)

Look Now! Filmverleih (Switzerland)

Dogwoof (UK)

The two day event will run on Sept 20 and 21 as part of the San Sebastian Film Festival.