Eros International’s 3D action-sci fi RA One is expected to reach 5,000 screens worldwide.

Eros International’s big-budget action-sci fi RA One starring Shah Rukh Khan, widely anticipated to be among the biggest Bollywood blockbusters ever, rolls out this week after premiering last night [24] in London.

The feature has a Toronto premiere tonight [25] and reaches an estimated 3,000 screens in India this weekend. The film is being released to coincide with the Diwali holiday in India, which this year lasts for five days, a move which has scared off a number of rival distributors. Some local multiplexes are planning to show the film on most of their screens up to six times per day, starting at 7am. Eros has RA One tie ups with at least 25 brands.

In a first for London’s O2 Arena, all of its 11 screens were showing the film at the film’s premiere last night. Before the film, RA One lead and producer Shah Rukh Khan launched Eros’ new logo and music, composed by the Oscar winner A R Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours), and the Eros International iPad app. The film is the first 3D Bollywood blockbuster to play in the UK.

Eros also today announced syndication agreements with leading television channels in the Middle East, Africa, Israel, Kazakhstan and Singapore.

Deals include a 15-film deal with Fox International in the Middle East region and syndication of more than 100 films through Israeli cable provider Hot, Bollywood TV in Africa and Vasantham in Singapore.