Fast & Furious Five remains the top attraction overseas and used an estimated $58m haul through Universal/UPI to boost the running total to $271.7m.

The heist film screened in 8,800 venues in 61 territories and combined with $168.8m from North America for a $440.5m worldwide tally. It is now the biggest film in the franchise domestically, internationally and worldwide.

Vin Diesel and friends roared into China on an emphatic $8.5m number one launch in 1,500 sites for Universal’s second biggest opening weekend of all time — four times bigger than Fast & Furious.

An estimated $300,000 in Ecuador from 25 produced the biggest debut in the series while $685,000 from 28 in Israel resulted in the same accolade as well as the biggest launch of the year-to-date.

Every film that opened top last weekend maintained its status. Mexico was the leading holdover on $5m from 503 for $17.5m and Brazil generated a further $4m from 280 for $11.6m. France produced $4.8m from 260 for $15.7m and narrowly beat off the launch of Woody Allen’s Cannes opener Midnight In Paris.

The film remains top in Germany for the third weekend in a row on $3.5m from 560 for $21.6m and added $2.4m in Russia from 744 for $27m to become the biggest release of 2011 so far.

The UK has returned $27.1m following $1.9m from 444 in the fourth weekend and the film added $1.9m in Taiwan from 102 for $7.8m. Fast & Furious Five opens in Venezuela on Jun 3 and Japan in October.

Your Highness opened in five more territories, grossing $1.5m from 511 for $1.8m. Hanna stands at $4.1m in the UK after two weekends, while Hop has amassed $63.4m, Paul stands at $51.4m and The Adjustment Bureau has reached $53.7m.

  • Thor has crossed $200m through PPI and added $27.5m from 11,861 venues in across 60 territories for $225m. The biggest contribution looks set to come from China, where the film is expected to gross $4.1m from 4,900 sites in its first full weekend to raise the tally to $11.5m.

Brazil inspired a strong hold on $2.6m from 345 for $15.3m, Germany generated $2.4m from 551 for $13.3m and Mexico delivered $2.4m from 517 for $17.1m.

Thor held on to number one in the UK for the third consecutive weekend as $2.1m from 473 raised the running total to $19.4m. A further $2m in France from 655 resulted in $15.7m and Australia and Spain both stand at $18.1m. The film opens in Japan on Jul 2.

  • Priest burst onto 4,015 screens in 46 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International and grossed $16.7m, rising to $25.6m including Russia and Spain, where it has been active for two weekends.

The supernatural thriller moved up to number one in Russia and added $3.5m from 550 for $9.1m. It launched in Brazil in third place on $1.8m from 275, Germany in third place on $1.3m from 367 and France in fifth place on $1.1m from 190. Priest scored numerous number one debuts across Asia and Latin America.

  • Rio crossed $300m worldwide thanks to a $10.4m weekend haul from 7,331 in 67 that elevated the running total to $306.3m.

Black Swan’s extraordinary progress continues as the film crossed $300m worldwide and is poised to go past $200m internationally following a record Fox Searchlight debut in Japan on $6.1m on 316 screens. It boosted the overseas tally through Fox International to $198.3m and the global number to $305m.

Water For Elephants added $9.1m from 3,897 in 52 for an early $34m, powered by an outstanding $3.8m number one launch in Australia from 392. The romance added $1.4m from 438 in France for $4m after two weekends and $1.1m from 459 in the UK for $4.2m after the same amount of time. It stands at $4.7m in Germany after

Big Momma’s House: Like Father Like Son has amassed $44.8m and opened top in Venezuela on $216,779 from 50.

  • Unknown added $2.4m through Warner Bros Pictures International from 770 screens in 21 Warner Bros territories for $39.4m, rising to $64.7m including independent distributors.

The thriller opened in Spain on $1.4m from 280 and has amassed $10.1m in the UK through Optimum, $8.3m in France through Canal + and $5.3m in Germany through Kinowelt.

  • Summit International reported that Source Code added $3.8m through licensees for a $51m running title.