Entrepreneur John Strisower’s new venture aims to deliver entertainment content with a new family of devices it claims will be smaller, simpler and faster.

The muvichip is a credit card-sized unit with high quality graphics and a magnetically attached solid-state media that entices the consumer. FilmChest has partnered to make available select titles from its library on the USB-compatible device.

FlixChip has developed a companion device, the muvifi, that wirelessly transmits the film to any wi-fi-enabled device that does not contain a USB port. Up to five devices can stream a film from muvifi at the same time.

“The time is definitely now for the launch of filmed entertainment on the USB platform,” Strisower said. “The key thing is that the customer already owns the hardware they need for muvichip playback and muvifi local streaming, and they already know how to use it. Along with hard media, VoD and other digital delivery systems, muvichip promises to be the next major content delivery platform.”

The muvichip has both method and physical patents and patent pending properties and uses the industry’s UltraViolet distribution and digital rights management protocols. Strisower expects muvifi will retail for around $35.

Senior management includes Strisower, co-founder COO Greg Helland, CFO Pat Bennett, Aidan Foley, vice-president business development and Han Cho, vice-president manufacturing and design.