Foresight Unlimited owner Mark Damon has announced a slew of sales on Universal Soldier: A New Dimension, the fourth entry in the action canon set to begin production in a month.

Dolph Lundgren, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Michael Jai White star and John Hyams will direct following his work on Universal Soldier: Regeneration.

Pre-Berlin deals closed in the UK (Optimum), Germany (Telepool), Australia (Transmission), Japan (Nikkatsu), Taiwan (SSG), South Korea (Joy n Contents Group), Russia (Daro), Scandinavia (Mis.Label), English-speaking Canada (eOne) and Benelux (Les Filmes D’Elysee).

Rights also went in Latin America (California), the Middle East (Shooting Stars), Thailand (IPA), Turkey (Mars), South Africa (Nu Metro), Eastern Europe (SPI), China (HGC), India (Superfine), Indonesia (PT Amero) and Malaysia (Ram Indo). Sony holds US rights.

Damon has virtually sold out the widely admired Sundance drama The Ledge starring Charlie Hunnam and Liv Tyler and completed a sale to Swen for Latin America. Deals closed previously with Square One in Germany, Eagle in Italy, West in Russia and eOne in Canada. IFC will release in the US in May.