High Court gives BT 14 days from today [25] to block illegal filesharing site in win for studios and creative sector.

The UK High Court has handed down a written judgement to internet service provider BT, in which it orders the telecoms giant to block illegal filesharing site Newzbin2 within 14 days.

The landmark case, brought on by the US studios, marks the first time a website has been blocked by an ISP in the UK under copyright law and places responsibility directly on BT not only to block the site but also to finance the implementation of the blockage.

The court also ordered BT to pay the lions share of the legal costs and rejected BT’s request for the studios to give a cross undertaking in damages.

Arnold J. of the High Court initially handed down his landmark judgment in July. The ruling reflects a clear recognition that under the existing law, courts can issue orders to prevent illegal activity online and that it is incumbent on ISPs to take significant action against offenders.

The ruling was widely welcomed by the industry. Lord Puttnam CBE, President of Film Distributors’ Association, said: “This is a very significant day for the UK’s creative industries. The law is clear. Industrial online piracy is illegal and can be stopped.”

Chris Marcich, President and Managing Director (EMEA), MPA commented: “This is a win for the creative sector. Securing the intervention of the ISPs was the only way to put the commercial pirates out of reach for the majority of consumers. This move means that we can invest more in our own digital offerings delivering higher quality and more variety of products to the consumer.”

Christine Payne, Chair, Creative Coalition Campaign, added: “At last we have a way to protect our property online. This is a great day for the thousands of businesses and millions of workers who have been fighting against the industrial, anonymous online money makers.”