Rob Straight’s Vancouver-based sales company has acquired worldwide rights to Thomas Newman’s zombie horror-comedy.

The film was made for just $5,000 but Straight hailed it as “extraordinary” for the effects and production values It will screen in the market and opens in Vancouver’s Rio Cinema on May 15.

Bong Of The Dead follows two stoners who discover that zombie brains makes potent pot fertiliser after asteroids hit earth and cause a zombie outbreak.

“This is a film not to be missed; incredibly entertaining and sure to be a cult favorite and Midnight Madness festival hit,” Straight said. “Thomas has the sequel in prep and we are looking forward to discussing these films with buyers in Cannes. Thomas is a filmmaker to watch”

“I am excited about the launch of my film by Horizon at Cannes,” Newman added. “Rob jumped right on board after seeing the film in post and I am pleased of the sales that have been put in place prior to final cut.”

Horizon recently announced the acquisition of Sharkwise, which will also premiere at the market.