Inception Media Group (IMG) has acquired North American rights from MacGillivray Freeman Films Distribution Company to four large format films that it claims have been seen by more than 60million people in IMAX theatres worldwide.

The titles are: Ring Of Fire, Tropical Rainforest, Search For The Great Sharks and The Greatest Places.

Big Picture Digital Productions is overseeing the transfer process and producing the Blu-ray releases.

“We have had a tremendously long and successful history with the principals of Inception Media Group,” Mike Lutz, senior vice-president for business development at MacGillivray Freeman Films, said. “We’re pleased that these classic IMAX films are now in expert hands and will finally be available in high definition on home video and other digital formats.”

“We focus exclusively on the task of taking the giant screen cinema experience and bringing it into the home,” Ryan Mullins, president and CEO of Big Picture Digital Productions, added. “Re-mastering these classic IMAX releases will showcase the encoding and design excellence that is our trademark.”