In its second week of release, French hit Intouchables has become the highest grossing film in Spain.

Last weekend, Intouchables made $2m and stole the top position of the chart from John Carter.

Intouchables has already been seen by 520,000 people and its box office results increased 12% from its first weekend. The film is being shown in 302 screens with an average of €6,900, strongest of the weekend. 10 days after its release, the film has a total gross of $4.6m.

This is the latest example of Intouchables’ success across Europe. The film was seen by 19m people in France, 6.5 m in Germany and has grossed $10m in Italy in four weeks. In Spain it has already beaten the numbers of the last French megahit, Welcome to the Sticks, and is expected to be one of the most popular European films of all time.

Based on real facts, Intouchables is about the unexpected friendship between a quadriplegic aristocrat and a young black man from the suburbs who injects joy in his life. Olivier Nackache and Eric Toledano direct; François Cluzet and Omar Sy lead the cast.

The film is being distributed in Spain by Barcelona-based A Contracorriente, which enjoyed recently a success with another French movie, Little White Lies.