International sales company LevelK is launching a new comedy label, Komedy, that will work with films from across the globe.

The initial slate includes Hella Joof’s Almost Perfect, starring Nikolaj Lie Kaas [pictured], which has already proven its international appeal by picking up a special jury award for best performance at the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival this month in New York; as well as other Danish titles Rasmus Heide’s All For One, All for Two, Take The Trash and The Christmas Party, and Michael Asmussen’s Something In The Air; Mikko Kuparinen’s Body Fat Index of Love from Finland, Michael Asmussen’s Once Upon a Time in Phuket from Sweden and Sue Brooks’ Subdivision from Australia. There are other titles from Bulgaria, Canada and Brazil.

LevelK said in a statement that “the label aims to present Internationally different styles of comedies that have the potential to resonate across borders, and with international sales already concluded for theatrical and TV even before the launch, this objective is being realized.”

Komedy will also encourage discussion across social media platforms.

The label will officially launch in Cannes.

LevelK, headed by Tine Klint, is based in Copenhagen and New York.