Summit Entertainment’s New Moon has reached $321.5m overseas and should register another solid weekend as it surges towards the $350m mark.

There are only minor market debuts in Israel, India, Pakistan and Dominican Republic, however solid holdover business should ensure a final bout of overseas domination before Fox International orchestrates the global launch of Avatar next weekend.

Meanwhile Sony Pictures Releasing International’s 2012 had amassed $519.3m as of December 9 and was expected to add another successful weekend’s business before Avatar arrives to offer a new effects-laden adventure for the younger demographic.

Sony’s Julie & Julia opens in South Korea and Japan, while the local Chinese local production Jump touches down in Taiwan. Zombieland on $14.7m opens in Germany. Latest figures put Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs on $67.4m, This Is it on $180.3m, and Planet 51 on an industry-wide $22.8m.

Paranormal Activity should continue to be one of the big international players after grossing more than $19m last weekend though IM Global’s licensed territories to raise its tally to more than $34m after only two weekends.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s A Christmas Carol stands at $130.9m while Up has reached $393.8m and will cross $400m before long. The Pixar release enters its second weekend in Japan.

The Princess And The Frog opens day-and-date with North America across German-speaking Europe as well as Mexico and Brazil.

Warner Bros Pictures International’s Ninja Assassin has grossed more than $12.4m and opens in Germany on December 10.

Universal/UPI’s Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant on $11.5m opens in five smaller markets, while Land Of The Lostarrives in Italy on December 11 and studio executives will hope to push the tally past $20m from the current standing of $19.2m.

PPI’s plague thriller Carriers opens in the UK on December 11. Saw VI opens through mandate International in Germany, Austria, and German speaking Switzerland, and Fox International opens Jennifer’s Body in Italy on December 12.