Paramount Pictures International reported its biggest opening weekend in history as the third Transformers escapade grossed a confirmed $219.8m overseas.

Meanwhile Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides coasted past the $1bn global mark, Warner Bros’ The Hangover Part II crossed $300m overseas and Fox’s X-Men: First Class is bearing down on $200m.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon was active in 11,609 venues and debuted top in 57 of its 58 markets, with approximately 70% of the result coming from 3D sites. The action release opened top in North America, where filmgoers are celebrating the Independence Day holiday, on $181.1m from six days, resulting in a 400.9m global opening weekend.

PPI’s previous best opening weekend was $147m for Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. The biggest result was $28m from 1,107 sites in South Korea, a staggering figure that produced an all-time local record.

Transformers 3 took $22m in Russia from 690, $16.5m in the UK from 522, $16.1m in Australia from 253, $14.3m in Germany from 626 and $11m in Mexico from 543. Elsewhere it claimed $10.9m from 700 in France, an exceptional $10.2m from 62 in Taiwan, $5.9m from 376 in Brazil for a Paramount record, $5.8m from 677 in Italy and $5.2m from 44 in Hong Kong for the biggest launch in history.

Four further all-time opening records came courtesy of The Philippines on $4.8m from 131, Thailand on $4.7m from 49, Malaysia on $3.8m from 98 and Singapore on $3.8m from 25, while $4.3m from 558 in India was good enough for a new Paramount record. Spain generated $4.2m from 395.

Approximately 70% of the film’s international box office comes from 3D, according to data supplied by Rentrak. Transformers 3 arrives in China and Japan later this month.

DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda 2 added $20.1m from 9,297 sites in 56 territories for an excellent $377.6m, of which roughly 60% comes from 3D. The film added $2.6m in France from 969 for $15.1m after three weekends and $2.5m in Australia from 264 for $9m after two. China has delivered a remarkable $91m after six weekends.

Super 8 stands at $45.7m following a $3.9m weekend from 1,623 locations in 30 markets. The movie held at number one in its second weekend in Japan as $2.6m from 324 boosted the tally to $11m. Super 8 opens in most of Europe in late July and early August, followed by Latin America in August.

Thor barged into Japan on $1.6m from 338, bringing the international cumulative total to $261.5m. Around 70% of that number comes from 3D.

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International reported that Pirates 4 crossed $1bn worldwide on Jul 2. The film took $6.9m over the weekend for $774m – the third biggest international release ever behind Avatar and Titanic – and combined with the $233.7m North American haul for $1.01bn globally. It now ranks as the seventh biggest title of all time with stablemate Alice In Wonderland in its sights on $1.024bn.

Cars 2 grossed $22.1m in 19 territories for an early $82.2m international running total, of which 53% comes from 3D. The $198.3m global tally means the Pixar release will ease past $200m by Monday.

In the second weekend the family sequel earned $4.7m in Mexico for $16.4m and has already overtaken the entire run of Cars, while $3.2m in Russia for $15.6m ranks as Pixar’s biggest hit there and already the second biggest animated release behind Tangled.

Cars 2 grossed $2.6m in Brazil for $11.8m and has also overtaken Cars. It added $2.1m in Italy for $10.2m and $2.9m in Australia for $9.6m, with Disney chiefs rubbing their hands in anticipation as nationwide winter school holidays kick in this week in New South Wales and Queensland.

  • The Hangover Part II brought in a further $8.9m through Warner Bros Pictures International from more than 4,200 screens in 56 markets as the tally reached $300m on the nose. It is comfortably the biggest R-rated international comedy release in history after overtaking last week on $285m.

The comedy sequel brought in $1.4m in Spain from 462 for $5.6m after two weekends and launched in Japan on $709,000 from 114. Elsewhere it stands at $51.7 after six in the UK, $38.5m after five in Germany and $33.2m after six in Australia.

Green Lantern grossed $1.7m in its third weekend from nearly 1,500 screens in 16 territories for $33.3m. The superhero adaptation has taken $8.9m in the UK and $5m in Russia, both after three.

  • Universal’s smash comedy Bridesmaids coaxed a further $7.2m out of audiences from 1,024 sites in 11 territories as the tally climbed to $34.8m. The film ranked second behind Transformers 3 in the UK on $3.2m from 498 for $12.6m and added $2.9m in Australia from 232 dates for $17.1m after three. There are 42 territories to open over the next few months. 

Fast And Furious Five crossed $600m worldwide at the weekend and stands at $392m internationally with Japan to come in October.

  • Bad Teacher brought in a further $6.7m through Sony Pictures Releasing International as the running total climbed to $28.6m. The leading territory was Germany on $3m from 503 screens for $9.6m after two weekends. The comedy stands at $9.2m in the UK after three.
  • Fox International’s X-Men: First Class added $4.6m from 4,200 screens in 52 markets for $196.9m. The sci-fi adventure is the seventh biggest Fox title in South Korea and has amassed $17m.

Mr Popper’s Penguins took $5.8m from 1,607 screens in 21 markets for $11.1m, powered by solid debuts of $2.1m in Australia from 282 and $1.5m in Brazil. from 252.

The rom-com Monte Carlo begins its international run in 11 day-and-date markets, earning $1.3m from 362 screens. Black Swan crossed $220m overseas including a remarkable $28m haul in Japan to stand at $221.3m overall, while Rio crossed $333m overseas.

  • Summit International reported an estimated $3m overseas launch for Larry Crowne, the Tom Hanks-Julia Roberts rom-com. The film was active in 1,220 sites and took $1.3m from Germany and $610,000 in the UK.