Fox International co-presidents Paul Hanneman and Tomas Jegeus hailed “a fantastic start for a new franchise” as the animated family film debuted on 11,714 screens in 45 markets. 

Approximately 70% of the confirmed $54.9m tally came from 3D screens and Rio opened at number one in most of its markets.

Among the highlights were the biggest industry launch of the year-to-date in Russia and Fox’s fifth biggest debut from $11.3m from 1,297; the biggest animated debut ever, the biggest launch in USD and Fox’s biggest debut in Brazil on $8.4m from 1,013; and the biggest opening weekend of the year-to-date and the biggest launch for an animated title in a new franchise in Mexico on $5.3m from 1,624.

Elsewhere Fox and Blue Sky Studios’ latest confection scored $2.6m in Germany from 920; $3.5m in 3D only in China from 1,350; $2.5m in the UK from 1,119; $2.4m in Australia from 459; $2.2m in Spain from 633; and $1.4m in Chile from 128 for the biggest launch of 2011 to date, the biggest launch for an animated title in a new franchise and Fox’s fourth biggest animated launch behind Ice Age 3, The Simpsons Movie and Ice Age 2.

In further excellent Latin American debuts, Rio opened on $1.6m in Argentina from 202 for the top debut of 2011 so far and Fox’s third biggest launch behind The Simpsons Movie and Avatar; $1.4m in Colombia from 231 for the biggest launch for a 3D film and Fox’s third biggest launch behind Ice Age 3 and The Simpsons Movie; 837,793 in Peru from 160 for top launch of the year-to-date and Fox’s second biggest 3D opening weekend; and $559,238 in Sweden from 138.

“This is a fantastic start for a new franchise,” Hanneman and Jegeus said in a joint statement. “With consistently stellar reviews and excellent word-of-mouth around the world – as well as no significant family competition ahead - we are well established to take advantage of the school holidays which begin in the coming weeks (UK and Australia hols begin this week).”

Rio will open next weekend in 19 additional markets, including France, Belgium and Italy.

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son stands at $40.9m, Black Swan has reached $187.8m and The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader is on $310.7m and $31.3m in Japan.

  • Summit International distribution executives confirmed on Monday that Source Code took $4.5m at the weekend from 1,740 screens in 20 territories. The thriller added $1.4m in the UK from 416 for second place in the second weekend for $4.8m.
  • Sucker Punch grossed a confirmed $8m through Warner Bros Pictures International from 4,050 screens in 51 markets for $31.9m. It opened in Australia in second place on $1.8m from 247 and arrived in third place in South Korea on $728,000 from 196 behind the second weekend of local title Dangerous Meeting.
  • Just Go With It grossed $7.9m through Sony Pictures Releasing International from 2,610 screens in 53 markets to reach $88.3m and added $1.7m in the third weekend in Australia from 310 for $4.9m.

Battle: LA officially crossed $100m towards the end of last week and brought in a further $4m over the weekend from 3,460 in 56 for $105.2m.

  • Universal’s family film Hop added a confirmed $5.3m through UPI from 2,835 sites in 32 territories this weekend for an early international running total of $14.5m. Australia generated $1.6m from 245 and the UK delivered $1.3m from 476 dates for $4.5m after two weekends. Hop stands at $1.6m in Germany and $1.3m in Italy. There are 27 territories to go.

The Adjustment Bureau added $1.8m from 1,336 in 40 for $48.4m, The Eagle opened in Spain in fourth place on $780,000 from 238 and added $300,000 in the UK from 320 for $2.5m after three weekends. Paul stands at $33.8m. Pirammmida opened in Russia on $582,169 from 285.

  • Paramount/PPI’sRango grossed a confirmed $2.5m from 3,482 sites in 46 for $112.2m and has reached $8.2m in France.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never stands at $18.9m and opened in Australia on $1.4m from 205, while No Strings Attached has reached $71.9m and Morning Glory stands at $26.5m.