In a tight weekend outside North America Sony Pictures Releasing International’s (SPRI) The Smurfs clung on to supremacy with an estimated $25.5m haul from 8,418 screens in 55 markets to propel the running total to a confirmed $256.9m.

The blue wave arrived in Denmark in second place on $728,278 from 137 and opened top in Hungary on $328,389 from 64.

Cooler weather plus the end of vacation time across much of Europe served the family film well. The Smurfs added $2.9m in France on 539 for $20.1m after four, $2.4m in Brazil on 474 for $26.1 after four, $2.4m in the UK on 484 for $17.9m after three and $1.9m in Germany on 832 for $20.5m after four.

It grossed $854,564 in Belgium on 121 for $7.1m after four, $1m in Russia on 511 for $11m after thee and $777,787 in South Korea on 279 for $6.9m after three. Spain has generated $16.2m after five while Holland has produced $6.9m after four.

Latin American results have been outstanding. Venezuela has produced $6.4m after four, Peru $4.5m after four, Chile $3.4m after four and Ecuador $2.7m after four. Hong Kong has generated $2.1m after four.

Bad Teacher crossed the $100m mark following a $2.2m weekend from 996 in 41 that raised the running total to $102.7m. The comedy launched in Singapore on $165,000 from 19. Zookeeper stands at $66.5m and Friends With Benefits is on $16.5m.

Fox International’s Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes surged past $300m in global ticket sales thanks to a $22.1m international haul from 5,585 screens in 50 markets that boosted the running total to $158.5m. Combined with $148.5m from North America the worldwide figure stands at $307m.

The action-drama opened top in Brazil on $3.9m from 538 and added $3.8m in South Korea on 451 for $12.3m after two weekends, $3.3m in France on 628 for $20.7m after three, $2.9m in the UK on 575 for $25.2m after three and $1.3m in Germany on 731 for $9.9m after three.

Mr Popper’s Penguins crossed $100m as $2.4m from 1,884 screens in 23 markets resulted in $101.3m. The UK has generated $10.9m after four.

Matthias Schweighofer is emerging as the new German box office sensation and proved his value as Fox International Productions’ (FIP) What A Man, which he wrote, directed and starred in, opened in its native land on $4.3m from 349. It opened top and the admissions count exceeded that of The Smurfs and Final Destination 5 combined.

In a superb weekend for FIP, You Are The Apple Of My Eye continued to work wonders in Taiwan and added $1.6m on 118 for $5.9m after two weekends, becoming the second fastest Fox title to reach NT$100 behind Avatar. FIP’s Brazilian hit Assalto Ao Banco Central stands at $11.6m in Brazil after six weekends.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) reported that New Line’s Final Destination 5 grossed $21m from approximately 3,841 screens in 20 territories for an early $28.5m running total.

The highlights were a number one $7.9m launch in Russia on 1,055, a $2.3m UK debut in 410 sites, a number two $2.4m debut in Germany including previews on 350 screens and a Spanish launch of $1.8m on 430 screens. The horror film opened in second place in Holland on $558,000 on 68 screens. 

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2 grossed $8.2m from more than 6,900 screens for $923.4m and has reached $113.3m in the UK, $112.1m in Japan, $78m in Germany, $65.3m in France, $57.9m in China, $54.7m in Australia, $36.6m in Russia, $36.3m in Brazil, $35.7m in Mexico, $32.5m in Italy, $28.1m in South Korea and $22.2m in Spain.

Horrible Bosses added $8.1m from approximately 2,319 screens in 50 markets as the international running total through WBPI climbed to $56.6m. The comedy launched in Australia in first place on $3.3m from 337 and added $1.5m in the second weekend in France on 253 for $3.7m. After two weekends it stands at $2m in Italy and has amassed $16.7m in the UK.

Green Lantern is at $90.1m and stands at $7.1m in Brazil after two weekends and $10.9m in Mexico after three. The UK generated $10m. The comedy arrived in Brazil on $535,000 on 131 screens.

Cowboys And Aliens brought in a further $14.1m through Paramount Pictures International (PPI) from 4,295 venues in 43 international markets as the early international running total reached $35.5m.

The action–adventure debuted in 21 territories led by $3.2m in France from 480 and a number one launch in Mexico on $1.8m from 529. It arrived in Germany on $1.6m on 451. A $1.3m UK hold from 480 raised the tally to $6.1m while a further $1.1m in Australia from 230 boosted the tally to $3.8m, both in the second weekend.

Kung Fu Panda 2 climbed to $473.3m following a $9.1m weekend haul from 1,895 locations. The DreamWorks Animation family film opened top in Italy on $6.6m from 823 and added $1.6m in Japan from 103 for $8.6m after two weekends.

Captain America: The First Avenger grossed $5.4m from 3,420 locations in 52 territories for $157m. It added $2.1m in France from 655 for $6.7m after two. Super 8 brought in a further $4.6m from 2,498 venues in 55 markets for $118m and grossed $2.2m in Spain from 380 in the second weekend for $9m and $1m in France from 553 for $11.9m after four.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon keeps on trucking and added $3.6m from 5,478 venues in 62 markets for $757m. Japan has generated $48.7m after five weekends while China has produced a staggering $163.4m after six.

One Day launched in the UK through Universal/UPI on an excellent $3.8m (£2.3m) in 429 sites including two days of previews. This bodes well heading into Monday’s national bank holiday. Without previews the debut came in at £1.5m. Universal also holds rights for Australia, Spain, New Zealand and Latin America.

Bridesmaids added $2.4m from 1,950 venues in 32 territories for $109.3m and launched in South Korea on $280,000 in 143 locations. The comedy has grossed $36.8m after 10 weekends in the UK, which remains the leading territory. France and Spain have each produced $3.7m after three weekends.

Meanwhile the comedy has grossed $28.9m in Australia after 11 weeks and is expected to overtake Sex And The City this weekend to become the fifth biggest comedy of all time.

Tu Seras Mon Fils opened in France in second place on $1.9m from 302, while Jayne Eyre stands at $2.6m in Australia after three and Hop has grossed $2.3m in Japan after two weekends and $78m internationally. Senna is at $9.4m.