Potter was yanked from its international throne at the weekend by not one but two muscular late summer performers in the shape of Sony’s The Smurfs on $60m and Fox’s Planet Of The Apes reboot on $40m. Once again China impressed with mighty numbers across the board.

The Smurfs took a confirmed $60.4m from 10,690 screens in 44 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International to boost the early running total to $142.2m. It opened top in China on a confirmed $13.4m from 3,110 over five days.

There was a terrific $6.2m debut for The Smurfs in the UK from 767 over five days for second place, while Russia produced $4.4m over four days from 663 for first place and South Korea produced $2.5m over four days from 436 for third place.

A series of notable second weekend holds saw The Smurfs deliver $5.1m in Brazil from 559 for $15.5m for first place, $4.2m in Germany from 806 for $14.2m and second place, $3.5m in Mexico from 1,127 for $12.9m and second place and $3.5m in France from 525 for $12.1m and second or third place.

The film added $1.7m in Belgium from 122 for $4.8m, $1.6m in Holland from 178 for $4.9m and first place, as well as $1.4m in Colombia from 185 for $3.8m. Spain produced $1.1m from 375 in the third weekend for $11.9m and third place.

Zookeeper added $3.9m from 1,899 screens for $56.4m and launched in Spain in second place on $1.4m from 341. The family comedy stands at $16.2m in Germany after six and has amassed $5.1m in the UK after three and $2.9m in Venezuela after four.

Bad Teacher has reached $93.9m following a $2.9m weekend from 1,410. Germany is the lead market on $18.3m after eight weekends while Australia and France have generated $8.4m after four and $7.5m after three, respectively.

  • Fox International’s Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is bearing down on $100m following a rock solid second weekend that delivered a confirmed $40.1m from 5,918 screens in 40 markets for a $75.5m running total.

The sci-fi drama pulled off a mighty $9.6m number one launch in the UK on 484 and also debuted top in France on $8.7m from 702, Germany on $4.7m from 724 and Hong Kong on $1.1m from 76, among others.

Leading the second weekend holds was Australia in first place on $3.3m from 362 for $10m, followed by Spain in first place on $2.5m from 515 for $10.8m and Russia in third place on $2.2m from 1,012 for $9.5m.

Mr Popper’s Penguins is marching towards the $100m mark thanks to a $4.7m weekend from 2,700 in 33 markets that elevated the running total to $90.6m. The family comedy added $1.5m in the UK from 475 for $6.9m and has amassed $8.1m in Mexico and $6.3m in France, both after four weekends.

Assalto Ao Banco Central has grossed $10.1m in Brazil after four weekends, while the Glee concert film opened in Australia on $1.1m from 238 and has grossed $1.2m overall from its initial international foray. Monte Carlo stands at $7.4m, Rio $342.5m and X-Men: First Class $206.2m.

  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 added a confirmed $29.3m through WBPI from approximately 15,000 screens in 61 territories and has reached $858.2m. The biggest markets are the UK on $106.6m, Japan on $93.9m, Germany on $74m, France on $58.4m and Australia on $52.8m. China opened last weekend on $25.5m and added $8.1m from approximately 2,940 screens to rank second. The territory running total is $46m and Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is the biggest release in the franchise.

Green Lantern added a confirmed $14.1m from 4,300 in 29markets for $61.5m, fired up by two number one debuts: $4.5m in Mexico on 1,593 screens and $3.1m in Australia on 400. It opened in France on $3.2m. Horrible Bosses added a confirmed $5.7m from 2,085 in 36 for $35.2m.

  • It won’t be long before Cars 2 crosses $300m after the Pixar release brought in a further $13.1m from 45 territories through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International for $290m.

In the third weekend the film added $3.3m in Japan for $23.4m, $1.9m in France for $20.9m and $1.5m in Germany for $14.8m, while the UK generated $1.1m in the fourth weekend for $21.2m. Mexico has produced $25.4m, Australia $21.2m, Brazil $21m, Italy $15m, Russia $19.8m and Spain $13.8m.

  • Transformers: Dark Of The Moon entered thee weekend as the biggest release ever from Paramount Pictures International (PPI) and the action sci-fi added a confirmed $14.4m from 5,869 sites in 48 countries reported for $728.2m.

The film dropped a mere 3% in Japan during the Obon Holidays as $4.6m from 322 boosted the tally after three weekends to $33.1m, while it crossed $150m in its fourth weekend in China following $4.7m from 4,971 for $151.1m.

Captain America: The First Avenger climbed to a confirmed $126.3m courtesy of a $10.8m gross from 4,377 in 35 countries reported. The key result here was a second place $2.2m in Brazil from 339 for $18.2m after three. The superhero romp has grossed $18.6m in Mexico after three following a $1.2m weekend from 512 and stands at $5.3m in Spain after two and $14.1m in the UK after three.

Cowboys And Aliens kicked off its international run with a confirmed $6.9m haul from 1,472 venues in 13 countries reported led by a $2.8m debut in Russia from 600 and $1.1m in South Korea from 260.

Super 8 grossed a confirmed $6.9m from 2,446 in 28 countries reported for $91.9m. The adventure opened in Brazil on $1.2m from 215 and added $1.9m in its second weekend in the UK from 500 for $8.4m and $1.7m in France from 537 for $8.2m.

  • The hit comedy Bridesmaids is projected to cross $100m by Tuesday following a confirmed $2.8m haul through Universal Pictures International (UPI) from 1,431 venues in 26 countries reported territories for $95.3m.

It opened well in Spain on $968,924m from 294 in fifth place and added approximately $700,000 in Germany from 342 in the fourth weekend for $7.5m. Bridesmaids has amassed $35.9m over eight weekends in the UK where the £22.3m local currency running total means it has overtaken the £22.1m mark of The Hangover. Australia has produced $28.5m after nine weekends.

Fast And Furious Five pulled off Universal’s third biggest debut in Indonesia as well as the biggest launch of the franchise on $706,000 from 95 as the international running total climbed to a magnificent $395.8m. The worldwide tally stands at $605.6m with the final market of Japan ready to go on Oct 11.

Jane Eyre opened in Australia on an excellent $932,843 from 150. Senna also prospered in Australia, generating $444,220 from 46. The tally from seven Universal markets is $7.2m. Hanna stands at $7.9m through Universal markets, while Beginners has grossed $3.1m and The Change-Up opened in eight theatres in Slovenia.

  • South Korea’s Finecut reported that Leafie: A Hen Into The Wild has become the first South Korea animation to draw more than one million admissions in theatres.

The Myung Films production was released on Jul 27 and features the voice talent of Moon Sori and Choi Minsik. The film will screen in Sitges in October in the Sitges Kids section and is set to open in China through Dadi next month.