Sony Pictures Releasing International top brass are preparing for another successful weekend with the company’s two major active releases poised to cross significant milestones.

Terminator Salvation stands at $98.5m through all distributors and four new territories are set to receive the action sci-fi this weekend including China on June 9 and Japan on June 13.

The Asian debuts coupled with a string of no doubt impressive second weekends following last week’s mighty haul should power the film way beyond the Story text00m mark.

Meanwhile the thriller prequel Angels & Demons has amassed 98.4m and has plenty left to offer through strong holdover business heading into the fifth weekend.

Sony also debuts thriller remake The Taking Of Pelham 123 day-and-date with North America in 14 territories including South Korea and Singapore on June 11, and Taiwan on June 13. The thriller Obsessed opens in Germany on June 10.

Universal Pictures International launches the animated tale Coraline on 7.2m in seven new territories, among them France, Belgium, Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland on June 10.

Sam Raimi’s horror film Drag Me To Hell arrives in five including Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland on June 10, Germany and German-speaking Switzerland on June 11, and Austria on June 12.

Thriller State Of Play on 6.7m opens in six including Argentina on June 11 and Brazil a day later.

Universal executives will look to family TV adaptation Land Of The Lost to make up for its disappointing North American debut last week when it ventures into five including Australia, Russia, New Zealand and Singapore on June 11.

The Last House On The Left has grossed $3.6m and premieres in the UK on June 12, while The Boat That Rockedweighs anchor in Italy on June 11 and stands at Story text8.6m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s Pixar film Up has floated to an early Story text7.1m and touches down in Argentina, Chile and Thailand on June 11. Hannah Montana The Movie on $43.6m arrives in Brazil on June 12.

Paramount/PPI’s comedy I Love You, Man on Story text3.4m arrives in four including Spain on June 12. Star Trek has grossed Story text14.2m to date.

Warner Bros Pictures International rolls out The Hangover, fresh from the comedy’s number one North American launch last weekend, in 15

territories. Highlights are expected to come from the UK, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Holland on June 11.

New Line International’s romantic comedy Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past on Story text3.1m opens in Argentina through Distribution Company and Greece through Village Roadshow on June 11. Latest figures put 17 Again on $60.5m while He’s Just Not That Into You has reached $72.1m.

Fox International’s Night At The Museum 2 opens in Mexico on June 12 after authorities spend several weeks containing the swine flu outbreak.

Dragonball: Evolution on $48.2m opens in Germany on June 11, X-Men Origins: Wolverine stands at Story text77.2m, and the comedy Miss March opens in Spain on June 12.