Warner Bros Pictures International’s action fantasy leapfrogged Battle: LA thanks to a confirmed $11.5m haul as Sony executives revised their weekend take from $14.7m to $10.3m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International’s (SPRI) alien invasion saga therefore remains shy of the $100m mark on $96.1m, although it will reach the milestone within days.

Sucker Punch’s international running total stands at an early $20.3m. Weekend business was led by a $2.3m launch in France in second place, a $2m debut in Russia in third and a number one debut in Germany on $1.8m. The film also opened in the UK, grossing $1.3m.

At this early stage the film stands at $1.2m in Italy and Spain, $1m in Mexico and $903,000 in Brazil.

The Rite added $2.5m for $56m and has taken $11.m in Mexico, $6.3m in France and $5m in Italy. Meanwhile Red Riding Hood took $2.3m for $14.9m and stands at $4.1m in Russia after thre weekends, $3.3m in Australia after two and $2.1m in South Korea after three.

  • Battle: LA arrived in Spain, where the film ranked number one and generated $2.7m from 360, while $304,738 from 60 in Denmark also resulted in a number one launch.

A further $569,569 in Australia from 299 raised the score to $5.3m after three weekends, while $526,559 from 233 in Brazil resulted in $3.6m after three and $405,528 from 270 in South Korea led to $8.6m after four. Battle: LA has amassed $4.3m in India after four.

The Adam Sandler-Jennifer Aniston rom-com Just Go With It opened top in Australia on $2.5m from 310, while Russia generated $2.8m from 544 to elevate the running total to $9.1m after two weekends.

Overall the film added $10.8m from 2,791 in around 44 markets for $76.3m and it stands at $9.9m in Brazil after five and $11.1m in Germany after six. GK FilmsThe Tourist stands at $206.6m internationally and has reached $18.4m in Japan after five.

Estimates for select markets have not been updated since the weekend and put France, Russia and Australia on $2.5m from 626 for $6.8m after two weekends, $1.4m from 563 for $11.8m after three and $1m from 238 for $9.2m after five, respectively.

Rom-com No Strings Attached grossed $2.9m from 1,628 in 58 territories for $68.9m while the 3D concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never added $1.2m from 969 in 22 for $15.6m. Comedy Morning Glory has grossed $24.8m overseas.

  • Universal Pictures International’s family release Hop brought in $6.7m from its day-and-date launch with the number one debut in North America, according to actual results issued on Tuesday [5].

The film was active in 2,482 sites in 26 territories and debuted top in the UK on $2.5m from 476, opened in third place in Italy on $830,000 from 333 and opened in third place in Germany on $750,000 from 556.

The Adjustment Bureau added $3.8m from 1,850 in 42 for $45.2m, buoyed by a $664,000 debut in third place in Mexico.

Paul has grossed $14.3m in the UK after seven weekends and stands at $32.8m overall following a $1.3m haul from 664 in 12 territories. The comedy sci-fi stands at $2.5m in Russia after two weekends and $5.8m in France after 33 days.

Focus FeaturesThe Eagle added $758,040 from 432 in the second weekend in the UK for $3.3m. UPI will launch the action adventure in a further 15 territories in the coming months.

  • The Bradley Cooper thriller Limitless grossed $5.6m over the weekend through Lionsgate for a $23m international running total and opened in Greece, Poland, the UAE and Ukraine. Season Of The Witch has amassed $57.7m so far and added $1m at the weekend.
  • Summit International executives said its sci-fi thriller Source Code opened day-and-date with North America in 1,202 sites in seven territories for $5.6m, led by $2.1m from 407 in the UK for second place. All results are based on estimates.
  • Gnomeo And Juliet brought in an estimated $3.2m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International from 2,183 venues in 17 territories as the tally climbed to $29.5m through Disney and $72.9m including Pathe and its licensees. Spain and Germany led the way on $1.2m from 486 and $1.1m from 552, respectively.

Tangled took an estimated $3m from 1,471 in 32 for $376.9m and added $2.6m from 457 in the fourth weekend in Japan for $19.9m. The hit ranks as the industry’s sixth biggest non-sequel animated release and the 12th biggest animation of all time. DreamWorks’ action film I Am Number Four brought in $2.2m from 3,754 in 42 for $74.2m and opens next weekend in France and Spain.

  • Fox International confirmed its comedy Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son added $3.4m from 1,820 screens in 27 markets for $38.7m and launched in France on $1.3m from 282.

Black Swan continues to dazzle audiences and brought in a further $1.9m from 1,700 screens in 29 markets for $185.8m and is set to arrive in Japan on May 14.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader remained active in Japan and grossed $1.4m from 673 screens for $28.6m and stands at $308m overall. Never Let Me Go has grossed $6.2m overall.