VOD platform Sundance Selects and the Sundance Film Festival are collaborating on the day-and-date VOD release of three festival films.

Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross’ socio-political documentary The Shock Doctrine, Josh and Benny Safdie’s bittersweet comedy Daddy Longlegs (known internationally as Go Get Some Rosemary) (pictured), and Daniel Grou’s horror entry 7 Days are all launching under the auspices of Direct From The Sundance Film Festival.

The featured films will be available on VOD the same day they premiere at the festival and will go out on most major cable systems including Comcast, Cablevision, Cox, Time Warner, as well as satellite provider Direct TV.

The development complements Sundance Film Festival director John Cooper’s phliosphy of providing maximum distribution support to festival entries. Earlier this week New Video and Zipline Entertainment announced they were partnering on the February 1 release of the low-budget Next entry Bass Ackwards.

“As Sundance Selects continues to gain momentum as one of the leading VOD platforms for documentaries and world cinema, we are excited by rich opportunities like this partnership that makes the platform more timely and more closely related to the festival experience. Josh Sapan, president and CEO of Sundance Selects owner/operator Rainbow Media, said.

“The independent film community has been abuzz of dialogue and speculation in recent years about what is possible,” festival director John Cooper said. “This is true innovation combined with action. New mythologies for how Sundance Film Festival can help the films we so carefully select need to become realities. If it serves our film-makers, it is right for the festival.”

Arianna Bocco negotiated the US acquisition deals on behalf of Sundance Selects for The Shock Doctrine and 7 dayswith Charlotte Mickie from E1 Entertainment International, and the North American deal for Daddy Longlegs with producer Tom Scott and Victoria Cook of Cinetic Media.

Upcoming Sundance Selects releases include Don Argott’s documentary The Art Of The Steal, Chris Wiatt’s documentary A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures, and Dominic Murphy’s White Lightnin’.