Fox Searchlight is making hay while the sun shines and is pushing its two multiple Oscar nominees in US theatres.

The Grand Budapest Hotel grossed $59.1m from an initial run that began on March 7 2014 following the Berlinale world premiere and will re-launch in select cities across the US starting on January 16.

Wes Anderson’s comedy earned nine Academy Award nominations this week and is in contention for 11 BAFTAS. It was named best comedy or musical film at the Golden Globes last weekend and has earned more than 20 awards on the circuit this season.

International markets generated an extraordinary $115.5m for $174.6m global box office.

Meanwhile Birdman expands to more than 450 theatres in its 14th weekend and will continue to expand to 900 sites on January 23.

The film has amassed $26.7m from the US so far and a further $7.9m internationally.