CEO James Lawler and co-founder Reid Carolin’s new business offers an enhanced VoD service that will allow viewers to book viewing times and take part in online chats with filmmakers.

Channing Tatum is set to join via webcam a screening on Thursday (17) of the Roman Britain adventure The Eagle and Lawler and Carolin are lining up filmmakers and talent for upcoming shows.

The programming roster includes documentaries The Carrier, Bombay Beach and Bag It.

Constellation’s patent-pending Virtual theatrical (VT) technology allows audiences to purchase tickets, which it is understood will range from $2.99-$9.99.

Viewers can log on to scheduled showtimes or create their own showtimes and invite friends via email, a subscription drive mechanism that dangles the carrot of reduced ticket pricing for the ticket holder who invites others.

Lawler is a former TV producer and Carolin previously served as digital marketing manager at Paramount and produced the Channing Tatum high school reunion film Ten Year, which recently sold to Anchor Bay for the US.

Darcy Heusel recently arrived from Screen Media Films as director of programming.