Bobby Paunescu and Jared Underwood’s Solar Entertainment Group (SEG) has partnered with Romanian real estate entrepreneur Dragos Savulescu to launch Solar Studios.

The associates will take over a Bucharest site formerly known as Kentauros Studios that Savulescu acquired recently.

Solar Studios will align with Bobby Paunescu’s Mandragora Studios, which is also in Bucharest, to offer what the parties claim will become the most complete, full-service studio in Eastern Europe.

Efective immediately, Veteran cinematographer, producer and line producer Viorel Sergovici [pictured left] will run daily operations.

Solar Studios and Mandragora Movies will offer a suite of services including feature, television series, commercials and music videos production.

The studio also offers a complete portfolio of production services including location scouting, local casting, local crew hire, coordination with local agencies, budgeting and scheduling, set design and construction, special effects, catering and permits.

Additional production flow will be driven through and augmented by SEG’s independent film finance and production entities Solar Pictures, Solar Media Capital and Solar Entertainment HLB.

“The formation of Solar Studios represents an important milestone in the development of our company,” said Paunescu. “We are extremely excited about our partnership with Dragos and the value he brings to Solar Entertainment Group.

“I am extremely pleased to have become a partner in this dynamic and unique international film company,” said Savulescu. “I look forward to working with this extraordinary team and contributing to the growth of Solar Entertainment Group.”

“Solar Studios will take advantage of the highly skilled Romanian crews, locations, labor and impressive set constructions at a fraction of a typical North American budget,” said Sergovici.

With the formation of Solar Studios, Dragos Savulescu becomes an SEG stakeholder alongside London-based merchant bank LJ Group founder Edward Lawson Johnston, the New York-based Shu family, Paunescu and Underwood.