The joint film programme will run again in June 2011.

The Jan Vrijman Fund and Hubert Bals Fund will launch the second edition of their joint film programme touring African film festivals in June 2011.

The second season of the Cinema Mondial Tour will feature films from Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, with participating festivals including the Durban, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ethopian and Zanzibar film festivals.

HBF films in the programme include Ibrahim El Batout’s Hawi, Li Ruijun’s The Old Donkey, Ciro Guerra’s Los Viajes Del Viento, Ramtin Lavafipour’s Be Calm And Count To Seven and Yesim Ustaoglu’s Pandora’s Box.

JVF films include Jairo Eduardo Carrillo’s Little Voices, Sokhna Amar’s Pourquoi?, Khady Sylla’s The Silent Monologue, Miki Redelinghuys’ Keiskamma-A Story Of Love, Mladen Maticevic’s Run For Life and Abner Benaim’s Maids And Bosses.

For the second tour, the funds are also offering participating film festivals the chance to receive financial support for the dubbing of films from the Cinema Mondial Tour.