Topics of films for IDFA’s co-financing market range from immigration to Frank Zappa.

IDFA’s co-financing market, Forum, has selected 57 projects for the 2011 edition (Nov 21-23)

During the market, directors and producers present their documentary projects to commissioning editors and other financiers. There will be large pitching sessions, roundtable pitches and one-to-one meetings.

Most of the projects are from Europe although there are also some from territories including Chile, Egypt, South Korea, United States and Canada.

Directors with new projects include the likes of Janus Metz (Armadillo) [pictured], Thomas Balmes (Babies), Joonas Berghall (Steam of Life), Tommy Pallotta (Waking Life producer), and Madeleine Sackler (The Lottery).

The diverse projects include 18 Days in Egypt, a crowd-sourced project about the Egyptian revolution; Guatemalan gang story Alma’s Tears - A Tale of Violence; European immigration study Cities of Arrival; arctic schooner tale The Expedition to the End of the World; Dutch painting study Jheronimus Bosch - Touched by the Devil; recent London Power To the Pixel Pixel Pitch winner Love & Engineering; dance documentary Merce Cunningham The Heritage; female intimacy study Tea Time; alien rights story The Visit; and Frank Zappa tribute Zapped.

IDFA’s Forum has a strong success rate, with 90% of projects pitched eventually being produced.

The full list of the Forum projects can be found here.