Starting in September of this year, the second Play Poland Film Festival will be held over a four-month period in a bid to promote Polish cinema abroad.

The mobile festival, which will take place in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham, Oxford, Belfast and London in the UK, and other locations in Canada and Norway, will offer audiences the chance to see Polish film productions, both features and shorts, as well as movie poster exhibitions and talks with artists and other figures in the Polish movie industry.

Partners of the Play Poland festival include T-Mobile New Horizons, Short Waves Polish Short Film Festival, Wajda School and Platige Image post-production studio.

In the UK the festival is supported by Glasgow University’s Polish Society, Oxford University’s Polish Society, Screen Academy in Edinburgh, Merseyside Polonia Society in Liverpool, the Polish Association of Northern Ireland in Belfast and the Polish Expats Association in Birmingham.

The second Play Poland Film Festival will run from September-December 2012.