Les Films du Losange will handle international sales on screenwriter Susanne Schneider's directorial debut Es Kommt Der Tag which began shooting at locations in Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Alsace region this week.

The German-French co-production between Wueste Film Ost, Strasbourg-based Unlimited, Stuttgart's Filmtank, Wueste Film West, and broadcasters SWR, WDR and ARTE, received backing from MFG Baden-Wurttemberg, Filmstiftung NRW, the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF), the Alsace Region, and Strasbourg Communaute Urbaine, stars Iris Berben and Katharina Schuettler as mother and daughter in a family drama about the private consequences of a terrorist past.

Thirty years after giving her daughter up for adoption in order to join the terrorist underground in Germany, Judith (Berben) is tracked down by her now adult daughter Alice (Schuettler) to a vineyard in the Alsace where she is now living with a new family and a new identity. Alice calls on her mother to give herself up, but Judith doesn't regret any of her past deeds.

The cast also includes up-and-coming German actor Sebastian Urzendowsky, whose previous credits include PingPong and The Counterfeiters, and the local Alsatian actress Sophie-Charlotte Kaissling-Dopff in her first film role.

Schneider had previously made a name for herself as a screenwriter on such films as Nina Grosse's Feuerreiter and Nico Hofmann's Solo For Clarinet and had received the Thomas Strittmatter Screenplay Award at this year's Berlinale for the screenplay of Es Kommt Der Tag.

Zorro Filmverleih will handle the film's German theatrical release.

The German RAF terrorist movement of the 1970s and its aftermath is increasingly providing inspiration for local filmmakers. Last year, for example, saw Uli Edel and Bernd Eichinger tracing the beginnings of the movement in the star-studded Der Baader Meinhof Komplex which Constantin Film will release this autumn.

Meanwhile, Schattenwelt, which is also partly set in Baden-Wurttemberg, sees director Connie Walther focussing on an ex-RAF terrorist who is released back into the community after 25 years in prison and, by a fateful coincidence, has the daughter of a man he is alleged to have killed during an assassination as his neighbour.