Leading Korean exhibitor CJ CGV is set to open a mulitplex in LA on June 11. CGV LA will have three screens, 600 seats and 3D projection.

Aiming to be a bridge for Korean culture to the US, the theatre will release Korean films with English subtitles almost at the same time as in South Korea. In addition to commercial titles, CGV LA will screen arthouse films and hold special showcases, as well as sports programs and live concerts by Korean singers.

“Although it might be small in size, we expect it to quickly mark its place as a theatre brand that creates local trends through distinguished service and operation on a level of the best in the world,” said Kim Ju-hyung, CEO of CJ CGV, declaring that the point of the theatre was less short-term profit-making and more to be a platform for Korean contents in the long-term to reach North America.

The new CGV is in Madang The Courtyard entertainment center in Korea Town.

With the 1.2m between seats, CGV LA claims to have the most legroom of any theatre in LA. It will also have a designated seating and reservation system.

The multiplex will also include a Cine Cafe serving red bean shaved ice parfaits and other Korean treats.

In this week ahead of its official opening, CGV LA is holding US premieres of films including Blades Of Blood, Secret Reunion, and Haeundae. Guests include major studio representatives, film school academics and cinephile clubs.