Glasgow-based Mandragora Productions has started production on its first feature film, Dark Nature, directed by Marc de Launay.

Mandragora's previous productions include shorts such as Contorted Hazel in 2006 and The Last Noel in 2004. De Launey's work as director on Channel 4 television series Vids , earned him a BAFTA Award nomination for Best Director New Fiction 2001. He is producing Dark Nature along with Ted Mitchell, who worked as first assistant on Paddy Considine's 2008 BAFTA-winning short Dog Altogether.

Starring Niall Greg Fulton, James Bryce, Tom Carter and Joanna Miller, the story follows a young woman who fights to protect her family when they come under attack while on holiday in the Scottish Highlands.

Journalist Eddie Harrison, whose previous writing credits include co-writing Tartan short First It's Dark, wrote the script.

The film is privately financed, assisted by associate producer Mark Geddes at South West Screen Commission. Other executive producers are Tom Kelly, Mondo Ghulam, Harrison, De Launay and Mitchell.

Shooting runs until 11 October towards a release date in 2009.