Pan-European co-production fund Eurimages has unveiled a number of changes to its guidelines that will come into effect from January 2013.

While the Strasbourg-based fund’s financial support will continue to not exceed 17% of the total production costs, this will not be allowed in future to be more than €500,000 in total, compared to the present ceiling of €700,000.

Screen understands that the reduction is hoped to give Eurimages the chance to back a larger number of projects.


Producers will be required to supply screenplays in the original language (language of the shoot) as well as a translation into English. However, if the script is to be shot in English, a translation into French or one of the other languages of the co-producing countries must be supplied. Applications that fail to comply with these requirements will be considered ineligible.

Until now, applicants had been required to provide the script in the original version plus an obligatory translation in English or French.


A treatment and brief description of the characters – in English and French – are no longer compulsory, but the fund’s secretariat stresses that “inclusion of these documents is nonetheless highly recommended as they allow the members of the Board of Management to gain a better understanding of the artistic aspects of the project.”

Moreover, a synopsis of the project - in French and English - should not exceed three pages in length (previously, one page).


Another change to the regulations for co-production support will specify that a project can be withdrawn at the latest 31 days before the end of the Board of Management meeting where the project was due to be presented.

“Withdrawal of the application by the producers after this date will have the same status as a rejection,” the secretariat explains, “with the result that no re-application can be made at a future project deadline for consideration by the Board of Management.”