Filmmakers to create 17 short films on the theme of peace, to be streamed online and across 100 global venues.

PUMA have announced that hundreds of cultural institutions worldwide, from Australia to Zimbabwe, are supporting films4peace, an annual short film commission by PUMA.Peace, curated by Mark Coetzee [pictured].

Films4peace takes place on World Peace Day, Sept 21, an international UN day of ceasefire and a day for individuals, organizations and countries to demonstrate acts of peace.

17 short art films will be released at cultural venues globally and online, including London’s Design Museum, Vimeo and YouTube. Launched through the dedicated website, the initiative encourages the films to be screened and shared across the world, through social networking websites, blogs and media channels.

The films include 35mm live action, experimental animation and fine art approaches. The artists were selected for the quality and scope of their work and their sensitivity in interpreting the theme of peace. Films4peace includes new films from Isaac Julien, Janet Biggs and Gregory Crewdson.

“PUMA.Peace wishes to contribute to making the world a better place,” commented Coetzee. “We are honoured that so many amazing and high profile museums, galleries and online partners have joined us in this important initiative.”