EXCLUSIVE: Malaysian production company to co-produce Dain Iskander Said’s film with Rupakata Cinema.

Malaysian production company Apparat is lining up its first Indonesian co-production, Our Mosque Turned To Ruin, to be directed by Dain Iskandar Said.

Indonesia’s Rupakata Cinema is co-producing the film about a man who sets out on a journey to the Highlands of Sumatra to unravel the mystery behind the suicide of the caretaker of a mosque.

Founded by Said and producer Nandita Solomon [pictured], Apparat’s credits include critically acclaimed action drama Bunohan. Rupakata previously produced Kuntz Agus’ 2012 romantic drama Republik Twitter.

Apparat’s next project will be fantasy adventure Drakula: Journey To The East (working title), set in 15th century Malacca, which is scheduled to start shooting in October.

Scripted by Amanda Nell Eu, the story follows a band of Malaysian heroes fighting a foreign vampire who has come ashore looking for herbs to revive his dead wife.

“When we read the histories, the vampire legends date to the same period as legends about Hang Tuah – a young Malaysian warrior and his four friends,” said Solomon. 

Said is directing the action adventure mash-up, which will be co-produced by Primeworks Studios, the film arm of Malaysian broadcaster Media Prima.

Primeworks is also backing Apparat’s supernatural thiller Interchange, about a forensics photographer who becomes involved with a shaman. Scripted by Said and June Tan, the project has been developed through Binger FilmLab, EAVE’s Ties That Bind and PiFan. Said will also direct.