Road To Revolution will follow three Portugese journalists across the Middle East tracking the path of last year’s revolutions.

Multi-award winning transmedia production company beActive has announced the production of a new documentary show focussed on the revolution that affected the Middle East last year.

Produced by beActive with the support of Portuguese weekly Sol and retail chain Sportzone, Road To Revolution will follow three Portugese journalists - Tiago Carrasco, Joầo Henriques and Joầo Fontes - as they travel over 9,000 miles by land and sea across ten countries in the Middle Eastern region following the path of revolution that became known as the Arab Spring.

Initially available as a series of online video blogs to be posted on an official website, as well as on Sol’s website, the blogs will then be edited into a feature-length documentary available for film release and television broadcast by the end of this year. Two video blogs will be uploaded every week starting at the end of January, running for 10-12 weeks, with further real time updates on Facebook and Twitter.

beActive’s Executive Producer Nuno Bernardo said: “As a new wave of revolutions sweeps the Arab world, Road To Revolution aims to show a different point of view from that presented by TV and online news.

“It explores how and why revolutions take place, what changed and what remains. It features interviews with the younger generation about their role in the revolution and hopes and expectations for the future. The series demonstrates beActive’s commitment to producing groundbreaking multiplatform factual content.”