The 10th Berlinale Co-Production Market is to feature five projects developed at Residency for the first time.

A total of 38 new feature films will be presented to 450 potential co-production and financing partners at the market, held from Feb 10-12.

For the first time, it will feature five projects developed at the Berlinale Residency  - a programme helping directors who have experienced success with their first feature film, to secure a positive theatrical release for their next picture through guidance from mentors and market experts.

This year’s presenting directors are:

  • Matías Bize, Chile;
  • Rebecca Daly, Ireland;
  • Raya Martin, Philippines;
  • Rafi Pitts, Iran;
  • Sacha Polak, Netherlands.

All five previously displayed works at the Berlinale or at other international A-category festivals and will be showcasing new projects this time round.

The official selection for the Berlinale Co-Production Market 2013 includes 20 new international fictional film projects, chosen from 318 entries, for potential co-production and financing partners to explore.

These projects are presented in the knowledge that the project has at least 30% funding already on board and a budget from $1m-€13m.

Rotterdam-Berlinale Express

In conjunction with CineMart Rotterdam, three more projects have been chosen for the “Rotterdam-Berlinale Express”. They will participate in both the CineMart and the Berlinale Co-Production Market.

This year’s selection includes projects by internationally established directors, such as Søren Kragh-Jacobsen, Lucrecia Martel and György Palfy, as well as by filmmakers whose debut films screened successfully in recent years, including Emin Alper, Phan Dang Di and Asli Özge.

Talent Project Market

In addition, ten promising projects by newcomers have been selected for the “Talent Project Market” from an additional 212 entries.

In what has proven to be a successful cooperation with the Berlinale Talent Campus, this event prepares young producers and directors for the international market, and arranges meetings with potential partners.

Festival director Dieter Kosslick said: “Since 2004, more than 140 films have been developed from earlier projects.

“A success rate of over 40% is truly impressive and we hope that this year will again foster many great new partnerships, and result in exciting films that find their way to the screen and to audiences.”

Company Matching

The market this year will also be displaying the newly restructured Company Matching programme.

Responding to previous demand, seven renowned production companies (from Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands) have been selected to present themselves during this year’s Company Matching.

During these meetings, specific film projects will not be presented, rather exchanges on company and structural levels.

Project director Sonja Heinen said: “We would like to create a platform for companies to become acquainted and broaden their horizons – to go beyond thinking from just one project to the next.

“These meetings should, for instance, enable them to find partners with similar company philosophies and get feedback on new business ideas or even consider international alliances.”

The Berlinale opens on Feb 7 with a screening of Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster and runs until Feb 17.

Official selection of projects for the Berlinale Co-Production Market 2013 (listed alphabetically by production company):

- ScumBot (directed by: James Cotter), Black Sheep Productions, Ireland

- Frenzy (directed by: Emin Alper), Bulut Film, Turkey

- A Secret Life (directed by: James Bolton), Charleville Films & Myriad Pictures, USA

- The Next Skin (directed by: Isaki Lacuesta), Corte Y Confeccion de Peliculas, Sentido Films & La Termita Producciones, Spain

- The Cavanaughs (directed by: John Michael Morgan), DViant Films, Canada/USA

- All Of A Sudden (directed by: Asli Özge), EEE Film & Liman Film, Germany/Turkey

- Stavanger (directed by: Alexandre Castres), EZ Films, France

- The Lion Woman (directed by: Vibeke Idsøe), Filmkameratene, Norway

- Campo Grande (directed by: Sandra Kogut), Gloria Films Production & Tambellini Filmes, France/Brazil

- Voice Over (directed by: Cristián Jiménez), Jirafa Films & Rouge International, Chile/France

- The Voice (directed by: György Pálfi), KMH Film, Hungary

- Don’t Forget (directed by: Cristina Comencini), Lumière & Co, Italy

- The Last Journey of Monsieur Pichon (directed by: Søren Kragh-Jacobsen), Nimbus Film, Denmark

- After the Battle (directed by: Simon Leclère), Perspective Films, France

- A Dog’s Tail (directed by: Rami Yasin), Philistine Films, Jordan

- The Valentine Gang (directed by: Darragh Byrne), Ripple World Pictures, Ireland

- Damaged Goods (directed by: Aya Somech), Transfax Film Productions, Israel

- Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories (directed by: Phan Dang Di), Vblock Media & Acrobates Films, Vietnam/France

- In the Heart (directed by: Nicole van Kilsdonk), Waterland Film, the Netherlands

- Untitled Punk Movie (directed by: Wayne Holloway), Wellington Films, United Kingdom

“Rotterdam-Berlinale Express”:

  • Zama (directed by: Lucrecia Martel)
    Lita Stantic Producciones, Argentina
  • Le Meraviglie / When You Were Born (directed by: Alice Rohrwacher)
    Tempesta, Italy
  • Sollers Point (directed by: Matt Porterfield)
    The Hamilton Film Group, USA

Berlinale Residency projects:

  • The Memory of Water (directed by: Matías Bize)
    Ceneca Producciones & NiKo Film, Chile/Germany
  • The Empire (directed by: Raya Martin)
    Cinematografica, Philippines
  • Mammal (directed by: Rebecca Daly)
    Fastnet Films, Ireland
  • Soy Negro (directed by: Rafi Pitts)
    Twenty Twenty Vision, Germany
  • Zurich (directed by: Sacha Polak)
    Viking Film, the Netherlands

“Talent Project Market” (listed alphabetically by talent):

  • Smash the Control Machine: Howard Brookner and the Western Lands
    director Aaron Brookner, United Kingdom/USA
  • Moneyboys
    director C.B. Yilin, Austria
  • Passing Clouds
    producer Jelena Goldbach, United Kingdom
  • The Lesson
    directors and producers Kristina Grozeva & Petar Valchanov, Bulgaria
  • War
    director Simon Jaquemet, Switzerland
  • Panoramic
    director Ville Kerimaa, Finland
  • Burden
    director Ian Loreños, Philippines
  • Two Guys Who Sold the World
    producer Geordie Sabbagh, Canada
  • One Step Behind the Seraphim
    director Daniel Gabriel Sandu, Romania
  • Los Ángeles
    producer Jonas Weydemann, Germany

Company Matching (listed alphabetically by production company):

  • Agat Films, France
  • Bossa Nova Films, Brazil
  • Film Clinic, Egypt
  • Foundry Films, Canada
  • Friland Produksjon, Norway
  • Lemming Film, Netherlands
  • Rohfilm, Germany